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Why Is Your Google Review Not Showing Up? Causes and Solutions

Why Is Your Google Review Not Showing Up? Causes and Solutions
Tobias Roelen-Blasberg
Co-Founder & Head of Product
Discover why your Google Reviews may not be showing up and explore effective solutions in our comprehensive guide. Whether dealing with inactive profiles, flagged reviews, or duplicate listings, our guide provides insights and tips on how to leverage these reviews.
Why Is Your Google Review Not Showing Up? Causes and Solutions

In today's digital age, online reviews play a crucial role in shaping the reputation of businesses. Google reviews influence potential customers' decisions on various platforms, as 88% of consumers get into Google before purchasing.

However, what happens when your Google review is not showing up? This comprehensive guide will explore the reasons behind this and provide actionable steps to ensure your reviews gain the visibility they deserve.

Where is my Google review?

Your Google Reviews are linked to your Google Business profile, which can be accessed through a simple Google web search or Google Maps search. If you're yet to create one, you can read our complete guide on Google Business profiles.

screenshot google business listing with google reviews
Sample of a Google Business listing with numerous Google Reviews.

The Google Business profile is a central hub for essential business information, including customer reviews. Once a potential customer keys in your business name or a relevant keyword to the search box, Google will show your business profile and your competitors. Each business profile shows an Overview, Directions, Offers, and, of course, Reviews.

How long does it take for a Google review to show up?

Google ensures that all its content remains relevant and authentic to consumers, especially for user-generated content like Google Reviews. For this reason, Google Reviews monitors and checks all reviews before publishing.

While Google Reviews are posted mostly immediately, the reviewing process may take some time for some reviews. During the reviewing period, the content undergoes scrutiny to ascertain its compliance with community guidelines. Delays may also be attributed to factors such as high moderation volumes, necessitating patience from businesses eagerly awaiting the display of customer feedback.


How long does Google business take to update?

Google constantly updates its algorithm to enhance search results, improve user experience, and adapt to evolving technology, user behavior, and web content. Such updates include Google Business profiles; in fact, in their most recent update, the traffic of some business listings decreased.

screenshot google business updates announcement
Google announcing their regular updates on Google Business.

Google Business updates, encompassing changes to your business information, can take some time to reflect across the platform. The frequency of these updates may vary, and while most modifications are typically processed efficiently, there might be instances where updates experience delays. However, if persistent issues or critical updates do not reflect as expected, further investigation into the specific concerns may be necessary. Timely and accurate information is essential for maintaining a current and trustworthy online presence.

How long do Google reviews last?

Google Reviews remain on the business listing as long as the Google Business profile and the reviewer's account remain active. Once a review is published, it becomes a part of the business's online reputation.

screenshot year olds google reviews
Year olds Google Reviews.

However, it's crucial to note that reviews are subject to removal if they violate Google's policies. While legitimate reviews contribute to a business's credibility over the long term, any reviews that violate policies are subject to removal, ensuring the integrity of the review ecosystem.

Why is a Google review not showing?

As mentioned, Google runs a strict monitoring algorithm on user reviews. Here are some of the reasons why Google opted to remove or hide your reviews:

1. There are embedded links to your Google Reviews.

Reviews containing URLs or embedded links violate Google's policies and are promptly removed. It's advisable to ask reviewers to remove links before Google takes action. This violation is primarily to maintain the integrity of the review platform and prevent spam or misuse of hyperlinks within reviews.

2. The Google Review is flagged as fake.

Because of the power of online reviews, numerous businesses are now investing in fake reviews. In a recent survey, $152 billion of online purchases last year was attributed to fake reviews.

Because of this phenomenon, Google has become more stringent in ensuring the authenticity of reviews to prevent businesses from manipulating their online reputation through fraud. Reviews from profiles lacking essential information or appearing fake may be flagged. Unethical practices, such as paid positive reviews, can lead to Google marking reviews as fake.

screenshot of reporting reviews
Sample of reporting fake or fraudulent Google Reviews.

How do I know if my Google review has been removed?

The listing owner won't be notified once a Google review is removed. For this reason, it's essential to monitor your Google Business Profile regularly. If reviews vanish, it's highly recommended to check Google Review guidelines to determine the reason for your content's removal. If you think the review didn't violate any guidelines, you can report the error to Google.

3. Your profile's Google Review is disabled.

In certain situations, Google disables the review section on Business Profiles, impacting visibility. This is often temporary but can affect customer experience.

screenshot google business listing owner report
A Google Business listing owner reporting his Google Reviews issues.

To ensure this doesn't happen to your listings, see to it that your content is compliant with Google's ethical practices and avoid purchasing reviews or engaging in activities that violate Google's policies. Ensuring a commitment to genuine customer feedback contributes to a trustworthy profile, which may attract potential customers.

How do I enable Google reviews?

Google Reviews are automatically enabled once your business profile is verified.

To prevent Google from flagging your reviews, ensure that your content adheres to Google's review guidelines. Furthermore, make sure that you implement legitimate review collection strategies that can drive authentic Google Reviews to your listing. Remember that building a positive online reputation based on authentic customer experiences is the key to maintaining visibility and credibility on the platform.

4. You have an inactive Google Business profile.

Inactivity on your Google Business Profile, whether due to a lack of updates or loss of verification, can lead to reviews being hidden from the public. Regularly updating business information and ensuring verification status is current is essential to maintain an active and visible presence.

screenshot google business listing verification
Verifying Google Business listings. Source: Four15Digital

Maintaining an active Google listing also allows you to rank into Google's local 3-pack, thus attracting more customers. According to research from Moz, 44% of people doing a Google search have clicked on the Local Pack.

5. Inactive reviewer account.

When a reviewer's account becomes inactive, their reviews may disappear. This underscores the significance of consistently asking your customers for reviews to compensate for potential losses due to inactive accounts or removed reviews.

Furthermore, if you happen to gain an interesting online review, make sure to make the most out of it by saving it and sharing it to your social media accounts.

screenshot sample duplicate google business listing
Deleting a Google account.

6. Duplicate Google Business listings.

Creating duplicate profiles when relocating a business is unnecessary. Google allows location updates without establishing a new account. Businesses should refrain from using this practice, as it can lead to confusion and hinder the visibility of reviews. Keeping a single, updated Google Business Profile ensures a seamless experience for both businesses and customers.

screenshot sample duplicate google business listing
Sample of a duplication Google Business listing. Source: Sterling Sky

On the other hand, note that you can make multiple listings if your business has a franchise. The same goes for brands that operate in multiple locations. Just ensure that Google can easily identify the key differences among your listings, especially their locations.

How to get my Google Reviews to show up?

Now that you know why your Google Reviews aren't showing up, here are the actionable steps to make your Google Reviews visible:

1. Collect evidence before reporting the lost review.

Gathering concrete evidence is crucial when faced with missing Google reviews. Capture screenshots of the reviews in question and retain any emails from customers who have submitted reviews. This evidence serves as valuable documentation when reporting the issue to Google.

Providing technical or physical data facilitates a more efficient resolution process, helping Google understand and address the concerns related to the missing reviews.

2. Ensure your Google Business is made public and contains complete information.

Once your Google Business profile is verified, it's automatically set to public. While there's no direct way to set your listing private, Google reduces its visibility if you hide your business location. Hiding the location of your listing is often done by businesses that offer home services.

To ensure all your Google Reviews can be seen by potential clients, make sure you've set all your business information to the public. Regularly check and confirm your profile settings and make adjustments if necessary to guarantee that your online presence is fully transparent and available to those seeking information.

Why is my business not showing on Google?

For businesses experiencing invisibility in Google searches or maps, potential causes may include a lack of verification or eligibility. Regular updates to business information and strict adherence to Google's guidelines can effectively resolve this issue. Ensuring your business is verified and maintaining eligibility ensures that it appears in relevant searches, contributing to a robust online presence.

3. Get your Business profile to be activated.

To ensure the activation status of your business on Google, check the verification status of your Google Business Profile. If unverified, it is imperative to initiate and complete Google's verification process promptly. Verification activates your profile and enhances trust among potential customers, as it signifies the authenticity of your business on the platform.

Furthermore, a verified Google Business listing also allows you to optimize other Google features such as Google Messages, Reserve with Google, and more.

How do I know if my business is verified on Google?

To confirm the verification status of your business, inspect your Google Business Profile. If the profile is unverified, the necessary steps for verification will be outlined. Following Google's verification process ensures that your business profile is active and accessible to users searching for your products or services.

4. Seek help from Google Support or Community.

If challenges persist despite efforts to resolve issues independently, seeking assistance from Google Support or engaging with the Community can be beneficial. Google often acknowledges genuine efforts to build an online reputation, and its support channels can provide insights and solutions to persistent problems. Collaborating with the Google Community fosters a sense of community support and expertise.

screenshot question on Google Reviews on Google Community page
A question about Google Reviews on the Google Community page.

5. Consistently respond to Google Reviews.

Actively engaging with reviews is a great strategy for showing Google that your Google Business listing and your Google Reviews account are active. This will push Google's algorithm to display your listing on relevant searches. Furthermore, responding professionally to customer feedback not only demonstrates attentiveness to customer concerns but also builds trust among potential customers.

We know that it's easier said than done. This is why it's best to get an AI Review Reply Assistant that will allow you to write responses to Google Reviews efficiently.

screenshot MARA responses to Google Reviews
How MARA writes a fully optimized and engaging response to Google Reviews.

MARA AI Review Reply Assistant offers numerous benefits to businesses seeking efficient and effective online review management. One key advantage is its ability to maintain a fast response rate, reacting 3x faster to every customer review. This rapid response ensures that businesses can engage with customer feedback promptly, addressing concerns and fostering a sense of attentiveness. Additionally, MARA's multilingual capabilities enable personalized responses in various languages, catering to a diverse global audience and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Another significant benefit of MARA is its impact on online visibility. By generating unique, human-like responses for each review, MARA helps businesses build a positive image and demonstrates a commitment to individualized customer care. The tool's consistent, high-quality responses contribute to improved star ratings, influencing potential customers positively. MARA's effectiveness in maintaining a fast response rate and enhancing online reputation positions it as a valuable asset for businesses aiming to thrive in the competitive landscape of online customer interactions.

Want to see how MARA can help you optimize your Google Reviews to increase your online visibility? Register for a FREE ACCOUNT today.

Final Thought

In the digital landscape, where online reviews wield immense power, ensuring the visibility of your Google reviews is paramount. By understanding the reasons behind reviews not showing up and taking proactive steps, businesses can optimize their online reputation.

This article is part of our hero content series on “Mastering Google Reviews - A Complete Guide".

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is my Google review not showing publicly but I can see it?

This could be due to a moderation delay. Reviews are typically visible to everyone once the moderation process is complete.

How to see deleted Google reviews?

Unfortunately, once a Google review is deleted, it cannot be retrieved. Regularly monitor and address issues to prevent removal.

Are people notified when their Google review is removed?

Google does not notify individuals when their reviews are removed. Communication is crucial to address issues promptly.

How do I get my Google business to show up?

Ensure your business profile is verified, active, and adheres to Google's guidelines. Actively seek positive reviews and engage with your audience to enhance visibility.

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