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Understanding Google's Most Relevant Reviews: What's the Criteria?

Understanding Google's Most Relevant Reviews: What's the Criteria?
Tobias Roelen-Blasberg
Co-Founder & Head of Product
Discover how Google determines the most relevant reviews for your business. Learn the criteria and tips to improve your ranking.
Understanding Google's Most Relevant Reviews: What's the Criteria?

So, picture this. You're planning a romantic dinner, and the internet is your oyster. A quick "most romantic restaurant near me" Google search throws up a buffet of options. Italian? Steak? American? Overwhelmed by the mouthwatering choices, you rely on the reviews to make your pick. But Google surprises you - instead of showing you ALL the reviews, it presents the 'Most Relevant' ones. Ever found yourself wondering how Google chooses what's most relevant for you? Let's break that down.

Are Google reviews still relevant?

Yes, Google reviews are still relevant in helping consumers make informed decisions about businesses. They provide valuable insights into a company's reputation and can influence potential customers.

google business screenshot keens steakhouse
A Michelin restaurant still actively collecting Google Reviews.

Recent surveys suggest that 81% of consumers read Google reviews before making a purchase. Aside from this, 56% of consumers say they always do a quick Google search before making a purchase, and since Google prioritizes the content across their platforms, consumers are likely to read Google Reviews first.

Read How effective are Google Reviews for a business? to learn more about how Google Reviews can boost your business.

What's the deal with Google's ever-evolving algorithm?

Decoding Google's algorithm can feel a bit like taming a digital beast. It's ever-changing and often elusive, yet it is this very chase that allows digital marketers and local SEO experts to understand Google's current (as of 2023) criteria for choosing the 'Most Relevant' reviews.

But why does Google even have this algorithm?

The aim is simple. Google wants to help you make the best decisions by providing you with helpful and relevant information. Latest reviews may provide recent feedback, but not always the most useful content for your decision.

What is a relevant review on Google?

A relevant review on Google is one that offers specific and recent information about a business's products or services. It should be honest, unbiased, and focus on the customer's personal experience to aid others in making informed choices.


How does Google determine relevant review?

Google uses several factors to decide a review's relevance:

  • Length
  • Specificity
  • Location
  • Keywords
  • Photos
  • Recency

Let's get into the nitty-gritty of each factor:

Why does review length matter?

The longer, the better - That's Google's mantra. Google believes reviews with at least 200 characters have more useful details. More information could mean insightful reports of a restaurant's best dishes, service standards, or even parking and reservation tips. So, the length of a review can significantly influence its position on Google's "most relevant" list.

screenshot Google Review keens steakhouse
A longer Google Review being ranked higher than the one with less content.

How does review specificity impact relevance?

When it comes to reviews, being specific is vital. When a reviewer shares detailed feedback about their experience, their review is more likely to matter. Specificity adds a layer of depth and authenticity to the review.

lobster bisque review keens steakhouse
A Google Review for a steakhouse ranked higher because of its specific review of the lobster bisque.

Does the reviewer's location affect relevance?

Guess what - who writes a review also matters. Some reviewers are Google's Local Guides with a wealth of experience reviewing local businesses. Their input is highly trusted by Google as they've sampled countless restaurants and left many reviews.

screenshot google search best chinese restaurant around me
Google auto-tagging the Google Search with the users location.

Location-based reviews are also used by Google to determine your ranking on a local search. Check out our article Ranking on Google 3-Pack: Strategies to Help You Succeed to learn more about this.

What role do keywords play in review relevance?

Keywords are quite the game changers. If a review includes keywords related to the business (like restaurant, Italian dishes, best customer service, or most romantic), it's more likely to get a higher ranking. When your search includes these keywords, Google prioritizes matching reviews.

screenshot google maps search best steak new york mashed potato
See how Google automatically ranks the listings based on the keywords of their Google Reviews.

Caption: See how Google automatically ranks the listings based on the keywords of their Google Reviews.

Alt text: screenshot google maps search best steak new york mashed potato

Furthermore, keywords in Google Reviews can significantly affect your search visibility. Our article How Ratings and Reviews Impact Search: A Comprehensive Guide for SEO focuses on this.

Are reviews with pictures more relevant?

Indeed, they are. Reviews with pictures are more likely to top the relevance chart. Photos provide a visual account of the reviewer's experience, assisting potential customers in making informed choices. For Google, seeing is indeed believing.

Google Reviews most relevant content with photos
Google Reviews with tagging reviews with photos as the “Most Relevant”.

Is recency important to Google Reviews?

Yes, recency is important to Google Reviews. More recent reviews are often given more weight by Google's algorithms, as they provide a more up-to-date perspective on a business. Users typically find recent reviews more relevant in making decisions, so they have a significant impact on a business's online reputation.

screenshot relevant google reviews based on time
A week-old review is ranked higher than a 3-month old review.

Other leading online review websites also consider recency when ranking user reviews. Read Why is Review Recency Important for Your Business?

Are negative reviews considered relevant, too?

Yes, Google doesn't discriminate when it comes to review relevance. Even negative reviews that are detailed, specific, include relevant keywords, and supported by photos can feature as the most relevant reviews. Google believes in presenting both sides of the story.

screenshot negative Google Review for a hotel
A negative review still tagged “Most Relevant” by Google.

While negative reviews are relevant, too, it’s important to know how to flag reviews that may be giving a wrong depiction of your business. Read Learn How to Remove Google Reviews and What To Do If You Can't.

Why should you respond to the most relevant Google reviews?

Interacting with the most relevant Google reviews is essential to your business reputation. It demonstrates that you value client feedback and care for your customers. Plus, your responses can also influence the algorithms favoring your business by incorporating relevant keywords and confirming reviewer's specifics. It's a win-win!


How to respond quickly and effectively with MARAs Review Response Generator?

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screenshot Google Review MARA response
How MARA writes a response to Google Reviews.

Ready to experience MARA's magic?

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Final Thoughts

Whether you're scouting for the perfect romantic dinner spot or figuring out why certain reviews top your business page, understanding Google's criteria for choosing the most relevant reviews can be quite insightful. To maintain a Google Business Profile with the most relevant information, keep the reviews coming. Consider automating review requests for optimum results.

So, armed with your newfound understanding, you're all set for your next Google search for the perfect dinner spot. Remember, Google's algorithm is working tirelessly to help you plan a memorable night out. Enjoy your date and bon appétit!

This article is part of our hero content on "Mastering Google Reviews - A Complete Guide."

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What's the minimum length for a review to be considered relevant by Google?

A review should be at least 200 characters long to be deemed more relevant.

How does specificity affect the relevance of a review?

How does specificity affect the relevance of a review?

What is a "Local Guide" in Google's eyes, and why are their reviews trusted?

Local Guides are experienced reviewers in their area, and Google trusts their reviews due to their extensive reviewing history and local expertise.

How do keywords play a role in the relevancy of a review?

Reviews that include keywords related to the business, such as restaurant type or services, are more likely to be ranked higher by Google.

Why do reviews with images hold a special place in Google's ranking?

Reviews with photos are considered more relevant because they provide visual evidence of the reviewer's experience, which helps prospective customers make informed decisions.

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