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From Mannheim with love

· Our values

Our values: We mean it!

This is not about who we want to be, but who we think we are. We tried to make crystal clear what drives us and what we see as our team’s defining values.
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No bullshit.
We believe that honest and transparent communication makes everyone’s life much easier. At MARA, we value ideas over hierarchies and we openly and constructively share opinions and information – within the team and with our customers.
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Embrace learning curves.
Curiosity is our strongest motivation to go the extra mile. We want to work with people and companies that are eager to learn something new at every opportunity. To evolve as a team and as individuals we live a strong feedback culture.
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We believe that working with people with different backgrounds and thinking styles helps us grow. We respect people for who they are and value everyone for being unique. We want to give it our best to promote equality in the workplace.
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Customer is Queen.
We have a strong focus on solving problems for our customers and users. That is, at its core, our right to exist. And this focus comes natural for everyone in our team – be it our developers or sales people.

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Make things happen.
Everyone on the team takes responsibility. When we see a problem, we move to solve it instead of thinking about why we can’t. Having this can-do attitude, we get a lot done and have fun along the way.

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Enjoy work. And life.
We enjoy what we do, and we try to make sure that everyone working with us enjoys it as well. We want to enable everyone working at or with MARA to see personal and professional goals as complements, not opposites.
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· History
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A little history.

MARA was founded in April 2020 by Ingo Lange, Maximilian Lüders and Tobias Roelen-Blasberg supported by an EXIST grant from the German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action. The Review Analytics product was built on extensive scientific research of our co-founder Tobias. This ensures methodologically sound and high quality results. After closing the seed round in 2022, MARA extended their portfolio from pure Review Analytics to Review Management. Consequently, the AI Review Reply Assistant was launched in Q3 2022.
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EXIST Scholarship granted
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Ingo, Max & Tobi found MARA
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MVP Review Analytics launched
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Pre-Seed round closed
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Scaled Review Analytics Tool
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Seed round closed
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Launched AI Review Reply Assistant
· team



and our leadership team

background imageMaximilian Lüders
Maximilian Lüders
Co-Founder & Head of Sales
background imageTobias Roelen-Blasberg
Tobias Roelen-Blasberg
Co-Founder & Head of Product
background imageIngo Lange
Ingo Lange
Co-Founder & Head of Tech
background imagePaula Weber
Paula Weber
Head of Customer Success