Product Updates:
AI Review Reply Assistant

Aug 01, 2023 - New user interface AI Improvement
We have launched our new and improved AI plus a more personalized version that learns your brand voice! 🧙

🪄 Improved AI:

💙 Responses now sound more natural and human-like, especially in non-English languages
💙 Generic responses to lengthy reviews have been significantly reduced
💙 Language variety has been improved, with fewer sentences starting with "we"
💙 Answer beginnings are now more varied, not all starting with "Thank you..."
💙 The casual tone is more relaxed and clearly distinguishable from a "professional" tone
💙 Texts are more organized into paragraphs for visually appealing responses
💙 The repetition of positive terms word-for-word has been minimized
💙 Positive smart snippets are now incorporated more effectively.

🤠 Brand Voice Fine-tuning:

We're taking personalization to the next level! Your MARA AI can now mimic your brand's voice for a more tailored customer experience. In this example, our MARA AI customizes responses to fit a particular brand's voice, adopting a casual, modern tone, and frequently incorporating emojis in responses:

brand voice fine-tuning
Jul 03, 2023 - New user interface Major App Update
Our new user interface is designed to provide you with a more intuitive, efficient, and enjoyable experience of MARA.

The primary benefits offered by our new design include:
💙 No (or hardly any) scrolling anymore!
💙 The MARA AI can now speak all languages, and the response can thus be generated directly in the language of the guest (without a translation detour)
💙 Flexible settings of the translation languages: There is still a translation for you - but now you can also set it to German (or another language)
💙 A response history, so you can access old generations as well
💙 Improved rating reply screen for simple generations of responses to reviews without text
💙 Settings where you need them with the Quick access bar on the right side for all settings you want to adjust frequently (e.g., signature or length)
💙 Prettier 😉 (this is of course subjective, but at least we like the look and feel much better)

Mar 17, 2023 - Release of Smart Snippets AI Improvement
We introduced a new functionality we've developed to make our AI Review Reply Assistant even more personal for our MARA fan base:

Our Smart Snippets enable you to "teach" the MARA AI how to respond to recurring complaints or praises, such as "expensive parking" or "no vegan breakfast options available”. Your AI Review Reply Assistant will incorporate the information you provide about how to address the specific complaint or praise – without simply repeating the wording.

Jan 24, 2023 - AI Review Reply Assistant Version 3 AI Improvement
We launched version 3 of our AI Review Reply Assistant and activated the improved version for all users.

Here are the changes of version 3 in detail:

🤖 Improved AI: The new AI sounds more natural and is able to generate more detailed answers:

💙 A better understanding of long reviews makes it less likely for responses to be written generically.
💙 Better summaries: The summaries repeat the review text verbatim less often.
💙 The wording sounds more natural.
💙 Better handling of negative reviews through more frequent positive wording on negative aspects (often talking about an ideal customer experience here).
💙 Responses will be slightly longer than before.

📰 Updated Model Settings: Always stay up to date with the new option “Latest stable version

💙 We activated this option for all users automatically, so you don't need to take any action to always use the best AI version.
💙 If you want to stick with a specific version, simply select your preferred AI version.
Dec 16, 2022 - Rating Replies & User Groups Feature Release

🤖 Rating Reply:
Start replying to ratings without text using our new rating reply feature by navigating to the new screen.

💙Reply to numeric ratings with no text (e.g., a 5-star Google Maps hotel review)
💙Reply to ratings including multiple sub ratings (e.g. location, service etc.)
💙Ask for additional feedback (e.g. include support email address in reply)

👥 User Subgroups: The feature can be enabled on request for customers in the "Large" plan.

💙Create user groups (e.g. for each hotel)
💙Management of usage limits for each user group for additional budget control
💙Bulk editing for users and user groups
Nov 4, 2022 - AI Review Reply Assistant Version 2 AI Improvement
The AI Review Reply Assistant has become even smarter. In Version 2 of the AI Review Reply Assistant, we have improved the generated responses and removed some flaws of version 1. In addition, you can now customize the assistant with parameters to suit your writing style and add personal signatures.

What we changed in Version 2 in detail:

🤖 Improved AI: Based on your user feedback, we focused a lot on improving the generated replies and avoiding some flaws of version 1.

💙The language within one reply is more diverse now
💙More control of length (i.e., less lengthy replies to short reviews)
💙Does not respond to something else (i.e., the AI does not anymore write a reply for a restaurant even though the review was for a hotel)
💙Incorrect solutions are suggested less often
💙Does not repeat bad words of the original review

📋 Customization of Responses: In addition to the general AI improvements, there is the option to customize the AI to better fit your style with some parameters.

💙Tone of voice: A more casual tone of voice has been added so that you can now choose between formal and casual.
💙Response Length: The auto selection will now adapt to the input length of the review (long review -> more detailed reply, short review -> shorter reply). However, there is as well the option to keep the answers always brief or detailed.
💙What is reviewed: This additional information helps your AI assistant to write replies fitting for your service or product. Make sure to fill this field to avoid replies that are out of context. If you are replying to hotel reviews, simply type “hotel”
💙Signatures: You can now add as many signatures as you want. One of these signatures will be added to each generated response.
Oct 7, 2022 - Payment & Billing added Feature Release
Subscribe to your AI Review Reply Assistant easily from within our software:
💙Self-service upgrade to a paid plan via credit card or SEPA payment.
💙Overview of billing information and current plan.
💙Usage is now monitored by the number of responses generated.
💙Control of maximum overage to have more control over costs.
💙Extended user management to add unlimited co-workers
Jul 27, 2022 - Release of our MVP
The very first MVP is released to early test customers to better understand the needs when answering reviews:
💙First version of the AI Review Reply Assistant
💙Copy paste functionality to generate responses to every kind of review
💙Usage logging
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