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Best Medallia Alternative: Boosting Guest Feedback and Review Management

Tobias Roelen-Blasberg
Tobias Roelen-Blasberg
Co-Founder & Head of Product
Discover the best Medallia alternative that empowers hoteliers to elevate guest feedback and review management through personalized interactions.
Best Medallia Alternative: Boosting Guest Feedback and Review Management

While Medallia remains a frontrunner in hospitality technology, the evolving hospitality sector demands that hoteliers seek out alternative platforms to meet their unique needs and preferences.

This article delves into several Medallia alternatives for review management, aiming to empower hoteliers to make well-informed decisions for their establishments.

What is Medallia?

Medallia is a comprehensive guest feedback management platform helping hoteliers to seamlessly engage with guests from pre-stay inquiries to post-stay interactions. It encompasses solutions such as reservation sales, feedback management, and marketing automation, employing a data-driven approach to personalize interactions and propel revenue growth. As of 2023, Medallia boasts over 1 million active weekly users, harnessing its powerful artificial intelligence-driven capabilities trained by more than 60 billion experience signals.

Medallia Social Experience Management
Medallia Social Experience Management. Source: Medallia

Despite Medallia's comprehensive solution, some users are exploring alternative platforms that better align with their specific needs or offer different features or pricing structures. One of the most glaring drawbacks noticed by users is Medallia's deployment of new programs and scaling feedback methodologies that do not fit the needs of their operations.

Is Medallia a survey tool?

Medallia is not solely a survey tool; it is a comprehensive guest feedback management platform that encompasses various solutions beyond surveys, including reservation sales, feedback management, and marketing automation.

How does Medallia work?

Medallia works by empowering hoteliers to engage directly with guests throughout their entire journey, from pre-stay inquiries to post-stay interactions. It utilizes a data-driven approach to personalize interactions and drive revenue growth.

What is the purpose of Medallia?

The purpose of Medallia is to enable businesses, particularly in the hospitality industry, to effectively manage guest feedback, enhance customer experiences, and drive revenue growth. It achieves this by capturing online feedback from various sources, facilitating prompt responses, optimizing experience programs, generating positive reviews, providing insights into the competitive landscape, and uncovering emerging trends through text analytics.


What are the advantages of using Medallia?

Here are some of the benefits enjoyed by Medallia users:

a. Guest survey collection features

According to some Gartner customer reviews, Medallia is proven effective in managing customer feedback and experiences. The platform consolidates feedback from multiple sources into one centralized platform, offering valuable data to organizations.

This centralized approach enables businesses to gain comprehensive insights into customer sentiments, enhancing their ability to make informed decisions and improve overall guest satisfaction.

b. Data aggregation

Other Medallia reviews notes the ability of the platform to aggregate, analyze, and automate the process of assessing user sentiment, providing transformational insights that enhance the user experience. With seamless integrations, intuitive visualizations, and profound insights, Medallia makes user sentiment analysis not just efficient but genuinely enjoyable.

c. Seamless integration to numerous hotel CRMs

Medallia offers integration capabilities, allowing seamless integration into our products and incorporation of existing sources of insight into the platform. The visualizations generated by Medallia, including charts and tables, provide profound insights into user feedback. Additionally, the platform's sleek and responsive user experience makes navigating through user sentiment a genuinely enjoyable experience.

What are the disadvantages of using Medallia?

While Medallia offers comprehensive feedback management solutions, some customers are experiencing challenges when deploying the software:

a. Lack of review and survey response customization

Businesses using Medallia may face challenges with low response rates due to the platform's limited ability to customize review and survey responses. Unlike platforms offering personalized responses, Medallia relies on pre-made templates to boost response rates, potentially leading to responses that lack the tailored touch desired by guests, possibly resulting in decreased engagement or offense.

b. Increased risk of negative content due to unresponsiveness

Medallia's lack of personalized responses may lead to negative feedback being left unaddressed. This can escalate into widespread negative content on review platforms, damaging the business's reputation and deterring potential guests.

c. Limited review source integration

Despite Medallia's integration with popular review platforms like TripAdvisor and Google Reviews, it may overlook feedback from smaller or niche review sites. This gap in coverage can lead to incomplete data, offering a skewed perspective of guest sentiment. As a result, businesses may miss valuable insights and struggle to make well-informed decisions based on the feedback received.

To learn more about the importance of each review platform, read our article Online Reputation Management for Hotels - All You Need to Know

d. Complicated review analytics

Medallia's review analytics interface can be challenging, especially for hoteliers who are juggling multiple tasks at once. With an array of data points and tools, extracting actionable insights is tricky.

This complexity could impede trend identification and decision-making based on guest feedback. Simplifying the interface and offering user-friendly visualization tools could enhance Medallia's analytics usability and effectiveness.

e. Faulty text analytics functionality

On other G2 reviews, one drawback of Medallia's platform is its text analytics functionality. While the platform collects numerous comments, the lack of robust tools to sift through and identify main themes can be challenging. Improved text analytics features would greatly benefit users in efficiently extracting insights from the vast amount of feedback received.

Best Medallia Alternative: MARA AI Review Reply Generator

MARA AI emerges as the top alternative to Medallia, offering a comprehensive solution for guest review management. Its user-friendly interface and AI-powered features streamline the process, earning praise from hoteliers for its simplicity and effectiveness.

Most notably, MARA AI enables hoteliers to craft personalized responses swiftly, enhancing guest satisfaction significantly.

Why is MARA the best Medallia alternative?

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider MARA as an alternative to Medallia:

a. Effortless review management

MARA's Review Inbox stands out for its unmatched ease of navigation and intuitive design, setting it apart from other review management tools. Seamlessly integrated with major platforms such as Google,, and TripAdvisor, the process of responding to guest feedback is simplified to a considerable extent. Hoteliers benefit from the convenience of configuring automation rules tailored to their specific needs, ensuring prompt responses and efficient management of reviews.

MARA review inbox
How MARA Review Inbox helps you to manage your online reviews.

Moreover, the platform facilitates seamless communication by providing daily notifications and keeping hoteliers informed about new reviews without overwhelming them. With a user-friendly interface that prioritizes ease of use, MARA empowers hoteliers to navigate through the review management process effortlessly, allowing them to focus more on delivering exceptional guest experiences.

b. AI-powered review responses

MARA revolutionizes review management with its  AI-powered efficiency, enabling hoteliers to respond swiftly and effectively to guest feedback. The personal AI Review Response Generator empowers hoteliers to react three times faster to every review, ensuring a consistent brand voice across multiple online platforms. Additionally, MARA's Brand Voice feature fine-tunes the AI based on user replies, guaranteeing a personalized customer experience right from the start.

Generating optimized AI replies.

Furthermore, MARA's Smart Snippets feature enhances the AI's comprehension of the hotel's specific requirements, enabling it to address recurring complaints or praises with tailored responses. By incorporating this valuable information, hoteliers save time and ensure more personalized and efficient interactions with guests, thereby strengthening their online reputation effortlessly.

c. Actionable analytics

MARA generates actionable insights with its Review Analytics, essential for effective guest management. Tailored Pro and Con lists provide detailed insights, specifically customized to address your business requirements, facilitating the enhancement of guest experiences and optimization of services.

MARA Review Insights for hotels
MARA Review Insights for hotels.

MARA's user-friendly interface streamlines the analysis of group analytics, enabling hotels to effortlessly identify trends and make well-informed decisions. With the capability to analyze reviews from major platforms such as Google,, and TripAdvisor, MARA ensures that no valuable feedback goes unnoticed. Dive deep into specific topics, such as "lack of vegan breakfast options," and address other unique guest needs to maintain a competitive edge in the hospitality industry.

d. Multi-location review management

MARA also streamlines review management for multi-location businesses with effortless efficiency. Its centralized platform enables businesses to monitor and respond to reviews across all locations. With features like automated notifications and customizable response templates, MARA ensures consistent brand messaging and timely engagement with all customers.

MARA Group analytics overview for multiple location
Group analytics overview for multiple location.

To explore all the features of MARA AI, the best Medallia alternative, sign up for a FREE ACCOUNT today.

Other Medallia Alternatives

Explore these alternative platforms for guest review management, offering diverse functionalities to meet your specific needs:

a. Qualtrics

Known for its robust online reputation management capabilities, Qualtrics helps hotels monitor and analyze guest feedback efficiently. With features like analytics and review monitoring, Qualtrics enables hotels to enhance guest satisfaction and guide potential customers toward direct bookings through integrated widgets on hotel websites.

Qualtrics’ Review Management platform
Qualtrics’ Review Management platform for Google and Facebook listings. Source: Qualtrics

b. Customer Alliance

Specializing in online reputation management and guest feedback, Customer Alliance provides analytics and review monitoring tools to help hotels monitor their online reputation effectively. Its integrated widget showcases essential information on hotel websites, guiding visitors toward direct bookings and reducing reliance on third-party platforms.

Guest feedback management by Customer Alliance
Guest feedback management by Customer Alliance.

c. ReviewPro

Offering a comprehensive guest intelligence platform, ReviewPro enables hotels to manage feedback and reviews efficiently. With advanced analytics and sentiment analysis features, ReviewPro provides insights to enhance guest experiences and prioritize improvements.

Review management insight by ReviewPro.
Review management insight by ReviewPro.

d. TrustYou

TrustYou offers solutions for guest feedback management, review aggregation, and sentiment analysis. With features like post-stay surveys and automated survey mailings, TrustYou helps hotels enhance service quality, drive revenue, and streamline guest communication processes.

Mobile and desktop view of TrustYou
Mobile and desktop view of TrustYou.

Factors to consider when assessing Medallia alternatives

When searching for alternatives to Medallia, several factors should be taken into account, particularly focusing on guest feedback and review management, which are integral aspects of hotel operations.

a. Guest feedback and review management

Evaluate alternative platforms based on their capabilities for streamlined processes in collecting, organizing, and responding to guest feedback from major review sources like Booking and Google. Ensure that the chosen solution offers seamless integration with these key review platforms to effectively manage guest feedback.

b. Review responses

Prompt and personalized responses to guest feedback are one of the most important strategies when collecting reviews. It's crucial to find a platform that not only allows for quick responses but also offers customization options to ensure that each reply is tailored to the specific concerns or praises raised by guests. This is specifically important as most Medallia users raise the issue of their difficulty in collecting reviews.

Smart Snippets from MARA AI Review Reply Generator
Smart Snippets from MARA AI Review Reply Generator.

MARA's Smart Snippets feature is particularly noteworthy in this regard. It empowers hoteliers to craft personalized responses to recurring issues, thereby demonstrating attentiveness to guest needs and fostering a sense of appreciation among patrons. By addressing concerns promptly and effectively, hotels can significantly enhance guest satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately contributing to a positive brand reputation and increased repeat business.

c. Insightful analytics

Seek out platforms that not only provide comprehensive analytics but also offer streamlined processes, saving valuable time and effort. Look for features like automatic actionable insights tailored to your hotel's specific strengths and areas for improvement.

Automatic actionable insights from MARA Review Analytics
Automatic actionable insights from MARA Review Analytics.

With MARA's Review Analytics, hoteliers can delve into intuitive interfaces and customizable reporting features, enabling them to quickly identify trends and take targeted actions to enhance guest satisfaction. By leveraging these insights effectively, hotels can stay ahead of the curve in meeting guest expectations and optimizing service delivery.

d. Personalized brand communication

Maintaining brand consistency across all guest interactions is essential for building trust and loyalty. Platforms like MARA offer advanced Brand Voice fine-tuning capabilities to ensure that every communication resonates with your brand identity.

MARA brand voice
Personalized brand communication with MARA’s language learning model.

MARA's innovative AI technology goes a step further by providing personalized responses aligned with your brand voice. Whether it's through email, chat, or social media, MARA ensures that every interaction reflects the unique personality of your brand. By delivering consistent and personalized communication, hotels can strengthen their brand identity, foster deeper connections with guests, and drive long-term loyalty.


Final Thought

While Medallia remains a leader in hospitality technology, the evolving sector demands the exploration of alternatives. By considering factors such as feedback management, response to reviews, insightful analytics, and personalized brand communication, hoteliers can make informed decisions to enhance guest satisfaction and drive growth. Exploring these alternatives ensures adaptability and meets diverse establishment needs.

This article is part of our hero content on “Online Reputation Management for Hotels".

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best alternative to Medallia for free?

MARA is the best alternative to Medallia for free, as it enhances guest feedback and review management with AI-driven features.

How does Medallia track surveys?

Medallia tracks surveys through its platform, which collects and analyzes survey responses from various channels to provide insights into customer experiences.

Who are Medallia's competitors?

Some competitors of Medallia include Qualtrics, Customer Alliance, ReviewPro, and TrustYou, among others.

Does Medallia track IP addresses?

Yes, Medallia can track IP addresses as part of its feedback collection process to identify and analyze responses from different sources.

Is Medallia a CRM tool?

No, Medallia is not primarily a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool. While it does facilitate interactions with customers and collects feedback, its main focus is on guest feedback management and improving customer experiences.

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