Discover the best Revinate alternative solutions for enhancing guest experiences and driving revenue in the hospitality industry.
Best Revinate Alternative: Enhancing Guest Experiences

With a customer base exceeding 25,000, Revinate has solidified its position as a key player in elevating guest experiences and boosting direct revenue for hotels. However, given the diverse needs and preferences within the hospitality industry, it has become increasingly imperative to consider alternatives to Revinate.

In this article, we explore alternative solutions to Revinate to help hoteliers find the best guest experience solution for their business.

What is Revinate?

Revinate is a robust hospitality technology platform, enabling hoteliers to directly engage with guests throughout their journey, from initial research to post-stay interactions. Offering solutions for reservation sales, guest feedback management, marketing automation, and more, Revinate's data-driven approach empowers hoteliers to customize services and boost revenue through personalized guest interactions.

revinate dashboard screenshot
Revinate guest satisfaction management dashboard. Source: Revinate

Despite its strengths, some users have expressed dissatisfaction with certain aspects of Revinate. Specifically, there are calls for increased creative functionality within the email design feature, including support for embedded videos and more diverse templates. Additionally, users seek enhanced flexibility for designing and modifying images in email campaigns to ensure consistency across desktop and mobile interfaces. Moreover, concerns have been raised regarding the pricing structure, with some users feeling that it is excessively high.


What are the advantages of using Revinate?

Some large hotel brands and diverse accommodation chains have found value in using Revinate due to its large feature set.

a. Streamlined guest feedback

Revinate’s Guest Feedback solution offers a platform for aggregating reviews from diverse online channels. This streamlining enables hoteliers to monitor guest sentiments, critiques, and observations seamlessly, facilitating prompt responses and swift action to address guest concerns.

b. Robust analytics

Revinate comes with solid analytics capabilities, offering hoteliers insights into guest feedback. These analytics empower decision-makers to identify trends, strengths, and areas for improvement in service delivery, ultimately leading to enhanced guest satisfaction and loyalty.

c. Upselling services

With Revinate Ivy, hotels can capitalize on direct communication channels to upsell services and amenities to guests. This personalized approach not only boosts revenue but also fosters a more engaging guest experience, as hoteliers can tailor their offerings to match individual guest preferences and interests.

What are the disadvantages of using Revinate?

Despite its benefits, several key factors encourage other brands to consider alternatives to Revinate. Here are some of the downsides of using the software:

a. Flexibility of solutions

While Revinate offers a comprehensive suite of features, some users may find its solutions lacking in flexibility. This limitation could hinder the platform's ability to cater to the unique needs and preferences of individual hostels or businesses, requiring additional customization or integration efforts.

b. Expert-level analytics

Although Revinate provides robust analytics capabilities, leveraging these features to their full potential may require expertise in data analysis. This could pose a challenge for users without advanced analytical skills, potentially limiting their ability to derive actionable insights from the platform's data.

c. Lack of integration to other hotel CRM

Revinate's integration capabilities with other hotel CRM systems may be limited, leading to challenges in seamless data exchange and workflow integration. This lack of integration could result in siloed data and disjointed processes, impacting overall operational efficiency and effectiveness.

d. Lack of AI review response generation

Despite its streamlined feedback management, Revinate lacks AI-powered review response generation. This absence of automated response generation tools means hoteliers must manually craft responses to guest reviews, potentially consuming valuable time and resources that could be allocated elsewhere.

Best Revinate Alternative

Here is the top alternative to Revinate, offering a diverse range of functionalities in an easy-to-use interface.


MARA stands as a revolutionary solution, streamlining and elevating online reputation management for hotels. Its intuitive interface and robust features make managing guest feedback effortless and efficient, earning praise from hoteliers for its simplicity and effectiveness.

Why is MARA the best Revinate alternative?

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider MARA as an alternative to Revinate:

a. Effortless review management

MARA's Review Inbox is significantly easier to navigate compared to other online review management tools. Seamlessly integrated with leading platforms such as Google,, and TripAdvisor, responding to guest feedback has never been simpler.

MARA Review Inbox
How MARA Review Inbox helps you to manage your online reviews.

With intuitive features and user-friendly design, MARA's Review Inbox ensures that hoteliers can effortlessly stay on top of guest reviews. Configure automation rules for review replies, receive daily notifications about new reviews, and enjoy the convenience of a tool that prioritizes ease of use above all else.

b. AI-powered review responses

MARA's AI-powered efficiency transforms the review management landscape, allowing hoteliers to respond swiftly to guest feedback with personalized responses. With the personal AI Review Response Generator, hoteliers can react three times faster to every review, ensuring a consistent brand voice across numerous online review platforms. Additionally, MARA's Brand Voice feature fine-tunes the AI based on user replies, ensuring a personalized customer experience from the get-go.

MARA AI review reply generator
Generating optimized AI replies.

Moreover, MARA's Smart Snippets feature enhances the AI's understanding of the hotel's specific needs, enabling it to address recurring complaints or praises with tailored responses. By incorporating this information, hoteliers save time and ensure more personalized and effective interactions with guests, solidifying their online reputation effortlessly.

c. Actionable analytics

Experience the ease of understanding and leveraging guest feedback with MARA's comprehensive Review Analytics. The detailed Pro and Con lists are tailored to your specific business needs, offering actionable insights to enhance guest experiences and optimize services.

MARA Review Insights for hotels
MARA Review Insights for hotels.

MARA's user-friendly interface simplifies the analysis of group analytics, allowing hotels to identify trends and make informed decisions effortlessly. With the ability to analyze reviews from major platforms like Google,, and TripAdvisor, MARA ensures that no valuable feedback goes unnoticed. Delve into topics as detailed as "lack of vegan breakfast options," empowering hotels to address specific guest needs and maintain a competitive edge in the hospitality industry.

MARA group analytics
Group analytics overview for multiple location.

Other Revinate Alternative

Here are some alternative review management platforms that could serve as substitutes for Revinate. While they offer similar features, there may be slight variations in pricing.

a. Customer Alliance

Customer Alliance specializes in online reputation management and guest feedback , providing analytics and review monitoring capabilities. Through their platform, hotels can efficiently monitor their online reputation and employ strategies to enhance guest satisfaction. Seamlessly integrating guest reviews into hotel websites, Customer Alliance's widget showcases crucial information like satisfaction ratings and review counts, guiding website visitors towards direct bookings and reducing reliance on third-party platforms.

screenshot customer alliance dashboard
Guest feedback management by Customer Alliance.

b. ReviewPro

ReviewPro offers a comprehensive guest intelligence platform for managing feedback & reviews. With advanced analytics and sentiment analysis, hotels gain insights to enhance guest experiences. Features like in-stay surveys, outbound communication, and review collection programs help hotels prioritize improvements and boost online reputation.

screenshot Review Pro dashboard
Review management insight by ReviewPro.

c. TrustYou

TrustYou provides a suite of solutions for guest feedback management, review aggregation, and sentiment analysis. TrustYou empowers hotels to collect and analyze guest feedback efficiently. From post-stay surveys to automated survey mailings, TrustYou enables hotels to enhance service quality, drive revenue, and streamline guest communication processes.

mobile and desktop dashboard of TrustYou
Mobile and desktop view of TrustYou.


Factors to consider when assessing Revinate alternatives

When exploring alternatives to Revinate, several key factors come into play. From feedback management to analytics and brand voice, each aspect plays a crucial role in determining the best solution for your hotel's needs.

1. Feedback and review management

When evaluating alternatives to Revinate, consider the platform's capabilities for feedback and review management. Look for solutions that offer streamlined processes for collecting, organizing, and responding to guest feedback across the most important review sources. Make sure integrations to the most important review sources (for most hotels this will be Booking and Google) are in place.

2. Responding to reviews

Effective review management requires prompt and personalized responses to guest feedback. Evaluate alternative platforms based on their features for responding to reviews, including customizable automation capabilities (e.g. to automate review responses to 5-star Google reviews with no text). Try to find a tool that allows you to respond as quickly, as effortlessly and most importantly as personally as possible to every guest review.

MARA's innovative Smart Snippets feature exemplifies the importance of AI understanding, enabling hoteliers to "teach" the system how to address specific complaints effectively. By customizing responses to recurring issues, hoteliers ensure that the AI aligns seamlessly with the hotel's branding and service standards, ultimately bolstering guest satisfaction and loyalty.

Smart Snippets from MARA AI Review Reply Generator.
Smart Snippets from MARA AI Review Reply Generator.

3. Easy-to-read review insights

Easy-to-read and actionable insights play a pivotal role in hotel management, facilitating swift improvements and informed decision-making. When seeking alternatives to Revinate, opt for platforms that streamline analytics, saving valuable time and effort. Avoid solutions that necessitate hours of deciphering complex data to grasp guest feedback nuances.

actionable insights from MARA Review Analytics
Automatic actionable insights from MARA Review Analytics.

Instead, prioritize platforms like MARA that offer intuitive interfaces and customizable reporting features. For instance, MARA's Pro and Con lists provide unique insights tailored to your hotel's specific strengths and areas for improvement, allowing you to quickly identify trends and take targeted action to enhance guest satisfaction.

4. Personalized brand communication

When exploring alternatives to Revinate, consider the platform's support for maintaining brand voice consistency across all guest interactions. Look for solutions like MARA that offer advanced brand voice fine-tuning capabilities.

personalized brand communication MARA
Personalized brand communication with MARA’s language learning model.

With MARA's innovative AI technology, your Brand Voice AI mimics your language, ensuring personalized responses that resonate with your guests. By automatically training based on your replies and incorporating daily updates to adapt to your writing style, MARA enables you to deliver super personal responses effortlessly. This not only enhances the customer experience but also ensures brand consistency across all communication channels, regardless of who on your team responds to online reviews.

Final Thought

MARA stands out as the sleek, efficient solution equipped with cutting-edge AI technology, offering unparalleled time-saving capabilities in the realm of Online Reputation Management. Tailored for those seeking personalized yet efficient guest responses, MARA ensures swift and effective communication while providing robust analytics to derive insights from guest feedback. Unlike bloated platforms laden with unnecessary features, MARA remains streamlined and focused on delivering exactly what you need.

However, for those requiring enterprise-grade features, extensive integrations with booking sites, and survey deployment capabilities, Revinate remains a solid choice worth considering.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Revinate used for?

Revinate is used as a hospitality technology platform designed to enhance guest experiences and drive direct revenue for hotels. It facilitates direct engagement with guests throughout their journey, from initial research to post-stay interactions.

Is Revinate a CRM?

Yes, Revinate can be considered a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform tailored specifically for the hospitality industry. It enables hoteliers to manage guest relationships, collect feedback, and personalize communication to enhance guest satisfaction.

What is the best Revinate alternative?

The best Revinate alternative depends on specific business needs and preferences. Some top alternatives include MARA, Customer Alliance, ReviewPro, and TrustYou. Each alternative offers unique features and benefits tailored to different aspects of guest engagement and revenue optimization.

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