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Learn How to Quickly Respond to Your App Reviews and Why It Is Important

Tobias Roelen-Blasberg
Tobias Roelen-Blasberg
Co-Founder & Head of Product
Discover how to effectively respond to App Store reviews and why it is important for your app's success. Learn the best practices for responding to both positive and negative feedback, and how to use customer feedback to improve your app.
Learn How to Quickly Respond to Your App Reviews and Why It Is Important

What is the importance of app ratings?

App ratings give both users and developers an insight into the quality of an app. They provide users with a preview of what they can expect before downloading, while giving developers useful feedback on how to make their apps better.

App ratings can impact where an app is found in search results because certain app stores give priority to programs with higher marks. Thus, acquiring a great rating can be instrumental in making sure your app catches the eyes of its target audience. Moreover, reviews help people compare applications within the same niche and decide which one is more suitable to their wants.


What is the importance of app reviews?

App reviews are beneficial for developers in multiple ways. They provide feedback from users, help enhance the apps and give potential users a better understanding of the product before they download it.

App reviews significantly affects your download rate. (Source)

Research has demonstrated that approximately 79% of users will look at an app's review page before settling on whether to install it, thereby making positive reviews a fantastic way to draw in new users. App reviews additionally enable developers to gain knowledge into how their app is being used, which functions are admired, and which areas require refinement. By responding promptly to user reviews, developers can demonstrate their dedication to creating a nice product and foster better connections with their clients. Furthermore, reviews likewise help recognize bugs or other issues that may not have been detected during testing phases. Overall, app reviews constitute an indispensable element of the development process and shouldn't be disregarded.

How do user reviews influence App Store Optimization?

User reviews have a significant impact on App Store Optimization (ASO). People tend to trust the opinions of other users, and this opinion can be more influential than any marketing campaign. Research shows that app name, app icon and user ratings are the most influential factors when convincing new users to download apps. High ratings and positive reviews lead to more downloads, as people are more likely to download an app if it has been positively reviewed by others.

The importance of user reviews is clear: they can make or break an app’s success in the App Store. A single negative review can have a huge impact on an app’s rating, while a few positive reviews can help boost its visibility and encourage more downloads. Reviews also provide valuable feedback for developers, allowing them to identify areas where their apps need improvement. As such, it is important for developers to actively seek out user feedback and respond promptly to any issues raised by customers. By doing so, they can ensure that their apps remain competitive in the ever-changing App Store landscape.

Reasons why you should respond to app store reviews

Before getting into the details, let's talk about why responding to iOS & Google Play app reviews is a smart idea. There are several good reasons for this.

Build a competitive advantage

A staggering 97% of Google Play app reviews go unanswered, leaving app users feeling abandoned and unimportant. To make your app stand out amongst the crowd, it is essential to attend to customer feedback and show that they are heard.

In order to demonstrate to your customers that their feedback is important and that you take it seriously, timely responses to their reviews are critical. This will not only aid in strengthening trust between you and your users but motivate them to keep utilizing the app. Furthermore, responding to app reviews will allow you to gain valuable insights into how people are using it, what features they may prefer added or changed. Allowing time to process and react to user opinions can assist significantly in getting an edge over the competition.

Boost your overall star rating

When it comes to improving your star rating, one of the most effective strategies is to respond to customer reviews. Rather than simply ignoring the negative feedback, professional apps take the time to reach out and address the customer’s concerns. They acknowledge their mistake and offer a solution that is tailored specifically for the customer’s needs. This kind of personalized response shows customers that you care about their experience and are willing to go above and beyond to make sure they are satisfied with your product or service. By responding thoughtfully and professionally, you can turn a 1-star review into a 5-star review, which will help boost your overall star rating. Additionally, taking the time to respond to reviews also helps build trust with potential users who may be considering using your product or service. To know more about how each reviews affect your online presence, read our article here.

Quickly identify what needs to be fixed

When it comes to fixing problems with an app or website, the faster you can identify and address the issue, the better. Reviews are often one of the first places where users report crashes, errors, and other critical issues. By monitoring reviews regularly, you can quickly spot any potential problems and take steps to resolve them before they become more widespread.

Engage with actual users

Connecting with real users is a great way to gain valuable insights into your product or service. By understanding what they love, what they hate, and what could be improved, you can make informed decisions about how to improve your offering. This can be done without waiting for survey data by analyzing the data you already have.

What app store reviews should you respond to?

When it comes to app store reviews, it is important to consider which reviews you should reply to. While there is no hard and fast rule about this, there are some best practices that can help guide your decisions.

For starters, it is generally a good idea to respond to any 1 or 2 star reviews. These reviews offer an opportunity for you to turn a negative experience into a positive one by addressing the reviewer’s concerns and offering solutions. Additionally, if someone has taken the time to write a review that includes words such as bug, error, fix, freeze or crash, then it is worth responding in order to demonstrate that you are taking their feedback seriously and working on resolving any issues they have encountered. Even if the review contains criticism but still has 4 or 5 stars attached to it, it is still worth responding in order to show that you value customer feedback and are open to constructive criticism. Acknowledging problems builds trust with customers and shows that you are willing to take action in order to improve your product.

Finally, also responding to positive reviews can be a great way to show your appreciation for customers who have taken the time to leave you a positive review. A short but individual reply can go a long way in making customers feel valued and appreciated.


What is the best way to respond to App Store reviews?

When it comes to responding to App Store reviews, customer-centric companies have a number of options available. The most popular way is to use the App Store's provided console, which allows you to reply directly to reviews and ratings. This is a great way to show customers that their feedback is valued and appreciated. Additionally, there are third-party apps designed specifically for review management that can be used as well. These apps provide more detailed analytics and allow you to respond quickly and efficiently. Finally, there are unified and automated app management solutions that can help streamline the process of responding to reviews.

Responding through the App Store's console

Let's examine the standard option - the console - available to any app developer.

In order to reply to App Store reviews, you must first have the role of “Account Holder”, “Admin”, or “Customer Support” in App Store Connect. This will allow you to access the My Apps section and select the app you want to leave a response for. Once you have done this, you can write your response and submit it. However, note that it may take up to a day before your answer is visible as it will be shown as “pending” until then.

It is also important to remember that you can only leave one answer per review so make sure that your response is comprehensive and covers all aspects of the review. Learning more about App Store Role Permissions can help ensure that you are able to respond effectively and efficiently.

Edit management roles of your apps in Users and Access dashboard (Source).

The criteria for responses to Apple App Store reviews are:

Apple's requirements for responses to customer reviews are quite straightforward. The response length must be 5,970 characters or less, and can include text, links, and email addresses. This allows customers to get the information they need in a concise manner without having to scroll through long-winded answers.

Additionally, Apple ensures that all responses are moderated before appearing in the store, so customers can trust that any response they receive is accurate and appropriate. The moderation process usually takes 8-12 hours after submission, meaning customers won't have to wait too long for their questions to be answered.

Sample of posted app store reviews.

What is the best way to respond to Google Play Store reviews?

The best way to respond to Google Play Store reviews is similar to how you would respond to App Store reviews. You should use the provided console, which allows you to reply directly to reviews and ratings.

Responding through the Google Play Store console

To respond to reviews of your app, go into the Google Play Console and select your targeted app. Then navigate to the "User feedback" tab and click "Reviews". Here you can view all existing reviews and reply directly.

If you come across a review that you would like to answer, create a professional yet personal response. For instance, if someone is grumbling about not being able to load the app, you could write something such as: 'We apologize for the inconvenience. An update is in the works'. After that, click 'Reply to this Review' and soon your comment will appear on the Google Play listing.

How to reply to app reviews on Google Play Store.

The criteria for responses to Google Play Store reviews are:

Google Play Store responses must be concise and to the point. The maximum response length is 350 characters, so make sure that you are able to convey your message in a few sentences. Additionally, only text, support emails, and links to FAQs are allowed in responses. This ensures that customers get the information they need quickly without having to scroll through long-winded answers.

Sample of accepted reply to a Google Play App review. (Source)

What is the best way to respond to a positive review on the App Store?

Thanking customers for their positive reviews is just as important as responding to negative ones. A simple “thank you for your kind words” is usually enough when it comes to short “great app” messages. However, longer positive reviews that provide critique and feature requests require a more detailed response.

It's important to thank the customer for taking the time to provide feedback, and then address any issues they may have raised. Showing appreciation for their input will help build trust and loyalty with your customers, which in turn will lead to more positive reviews in the future.

What is the best way to respond to negative app reviews?

When it comes to dealing with negative reviews, the first step is to actively encourage your users to provide feedback. This can be done by asking for reviews after they have received some value from your app and are likely to continue using it. It’s important not to bombard them with pop-ups right away as this could be off-putting and make them less likely to provide feedback.

Once you have received a negative review, it’s important to respond in a timely manner and address any issues that may have been raised. Showing that you care about their experience will help build trust and loyalty with your customers. It’s also important to thank them for taking the time to leave feedback, even if it was negative, as this shows that you value their opinion. Taking the time to reply thoughtfully and professionally can go a long way in turning a negative review into a positive one.

What is the best way to create individual responses for all reviews?

A review response generator can help you craft personal responses quickly and easily. Our tool is designed to write the perfect answer to any review for you so you just need to check and publish it. This can save you time and ensure that you are providing the best customer service possible.

Writing individual reply for every app review.

Best Practices for Responding to Reviews on Google Play and Apple's App Store

At MARA, we’ve seen millions of reviews across industries and platforms, so we’ve compiled our top tips for replying to app store reviews. We recommend being timely in your responses, being polite and courteous even when responding to negative reviews, thanking users for taking the time to leave a review, addressing any issues raised in a constructive manner, and offering help if needed. Following these best practices will ensure that you are able to build strong relationships with your users and create a positive experience for everyone involved.

Respond quickly

It's important to respond quickly to reviews, both positive and negative. This shows customers that you value their feedback and are actively listening. Responding quickly also helps build trust with your users, as they will know that their opinion matters to you. Additionally, responding quickly can help turn a negative review into a positive one if the customer feels like their issue has been addressed in a timely manner.

Apologize for a non-ideal experience

Even if the complaint isn't valid, a kind apology to the reviewer will let them know that their opinion is heard and appreciated.

Personalize replies using names

When it comes to customer service, one of the most important things is to make sure that your users feel valued and respected. One way to do this is by using names when responding to their inquiries or comments. It may seem like a small thing, but using someone’s name in a response shows them that you are taking the time to think about them as an individual and not just giving them a canned response. Ensure that you both include the customer's name and your own in your reply.

Let the user know what steps you've taken (or will take) to address the issue.

When responding to reviews, it is important to let the user know what action you have taken or plan to take in order to address their issue. This will show them that you are taking their feedback seriously and are actively working on improving your product or service.

When trying to resolve an issue, be specific about what details you need.

When gathering information, it is important to be clear and concise in order to get the most helpful data possible. Give your reviewers specific directions so they know what you need. This will help you get the best answers.

Guide the user to helpful workarounds, FAQs and documentation.

When there is a fitting resource available that can help to resolve the users issue, it is important to point them in the right direction. This will help them get the answers they need quickly and easily.

Move the conversation offline

Taking the conversation offline is an important step in providing effective customer service. By providing your email address in your reply, you give the user a direct way to contact you and take the conversation away from the app store. This allows you to dig deeper into their issue and get to the root cause of it, rather than just responding with a generic answer. It also shows that you are genuinely interested in helping them find a resolution and that you care about their experience with your product or service. For more tips on how to write the best replies to negative reviews, checkout the our full guide here.

Follow up

If you have built a feature that many reviewers have requested or addressed an issue first identified in reviews, return to those users and tell them about it.

Express yourself authentically

When responding to reviews, it is important to write in an authentic voice. This means that you should use language that reflects your brand and the tone of your product or service. Writing in an authentic voice will help build trust with customers and show them that you value their feedback.

Maintain a positive attitude

When it comes to user feedback, it is important to always focus on the positive. Even if the feedback is negative or rude, you should never attack the user. Instead, take a step back and assess what can be done to make the user experience better. If there are inappropriate reviews, you can report them to Apple or Google so they can assess and remove them if necessary.

It is also your job to defend your app and its functionality in a positive way. When a user complains about a missing feature, you can point out any workarounds that may exist or let them know that you are already working on new features. This will show users that you care about their experience and are actively trying to improve it. By taking this approach, you will be able to build trust with users and create a more positive relationship with them.

Sample of a good reply to an app store review.

Responding individually to all your app reviews doesn't have to be complex

Our AI is trained to write individual responses to app reviews that follow all these best practices. Simply paste your review into MARA, hit "Generate Reply" and a response is written for you in seconds.

With our AI Review Reply Assistant responding to reviews feels like a breeze. You wouldn’t have to write your replies from a blank page, helping you save time and resources which you can dedicate to improving your app. Aside from this, our AI reply assistant also translates your reply to your reviewer’s source language, giving each of your replies a personalized touch. Thus, improving your brand loyalty and customer retention.

Customer references for MARAs AI review reply generator.

Building an app is difficult–but replying to reviews shouldn’t be. With one click of a button, you can generate individual replies for App Store and Google Play reviews. Register for a FREE MARA account today to try the AI review reply generator.

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