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How to Write the Best Replies to Amazon Reviews as a Seller

How to Write the Best Replies to Amazon Reviews as a Seller
Tobias Roelen-Blasberg
Co-Founder & Head of Product
Learn how to respond to Amazon reviews as a seller. Discover how to write helpful, professional replies in seconds and skyrocket customer satisfaction.
How to Write the Best Replies to Amazon Reviews as a Seller

Amazon is a lucrative online marketplace to sell products. But with 9.5 million Amazon sellers, competition is fierce. You must make the extra effort to stand out and increase your bottom line. To achieve this, Amazon sellers must respond to customer reviews to build loyalty among satisfied buyers and win over unhappy customers.

This guide will teach you how to respond to a positive Amazon review as a seller, and negative buyer feedback too. By crafting the best Amazon review responses you can put your products at the forefront of competitors and optimize your reputation and credibility. Let’s get into it!

Can I reply to Amazon reviews as a seller?

Yes! Amazon sellers can reply to customer reviews. You can respond to positive reviews on Amazon as a seller and negative feedback too. Whether your Amazon customer feedback is fantastic or disheartening, it’s legitimate, it’s best to respond to help you build an excellent overall star review.

56% of Amazon shoppers leave reviews to report an excellent product. Show these customers appreciation with a perfect review response. But what about the negative Amazon reviews? Responding to these reviews can help you reengage unhappy buyers. We’ll explore the value of replying to Amazon reviews as a seller below.


How to respond to a review on Amazon?

Whether you want to respond to a negative review on Amazon as a seller or a positive one, Amazon makes it really simple! Additionally, utilizing AI-generated review responses through MARA can significantly streamline and simplify the process.

Here’s how you respond to Amazon reviews in 3 steps:

Step 1: Sign in to Amazon Seller Central

You need to log in to your Amazon Seller Central account to respond to reviews.

Step 2: Navigate to your “Performance” tab

Amazon sellers will find customer feedback under the performance tab.

Step 3: Click “Feedback”

Step 4: Navigate to the right-side drop-down menu

Step 5: Click “Choose One” and select “Post a public reply”

This is how to publish public Amazon review responses as a seller

Yes, it’s this effortless to respond to Amazon customer reviews!

Should I respond to Amazon reviews?

Yes, you should respond to Amazon reviews. Responding to Amazon reviews is an opportunity to thank customers for feedback, address unhappy shoppers, and achieve an impressive star rating. Use this feedback to improve your Amazon products and optimize your credibility. Let’s dive into these benefits and why responding to Amazon reviews matters.

Build loyalty by thanking Amazon shoppers

When buyers leave positive feedback (especially if it’s 5-star reviews) on your Amazon products this significantly helps optimize your Amazon reputation and persuade potential shoppers to purchase. Research confirms shoppers are willing to spend 31% more on products with glowing reviews.

Taking this step will encourage them to repeatedly leave great feedback in the future because you value their feedback. Thanking happy shoppers also attracts targeted buyers, as responding to your Amazon feedback shows you prioritize customer relationships.

But thanking Amazon buyers for leaving feedback is also vital if the reviews are negative. Amazon sellers must take an empathetic approach to respond to negative Amazon reviews. And this starts with thanking your customers for taking the time to highlight aspects of your business that need improvement.

Talking about unsatisfactory Amazon feedback, let’s discuss how responding to Amazon reviews allows you to correct bad buying experiences.

Correct unhappy buying experiences

Negative customer feedback can damage the reputation of any online store, and reduce your bottom line. A survey by ReviewTrackers discovered that 94% of buyers avoid a brand because of bad reviews. Another study by Martech Zone points out that four or more negative reviews can decrease sales by a whopping 70%!

So, how do you solve this problem?

Customers who leave negative feedback want you to acknowledge their experience with your business. Responding to these buyers gives them a voice and shows your customers you want to hear the truth about your business so you can improve it.

Every business will gain negative reviews at some point. Rather than ignoring those customers, leverage their feedback to take your business to the next level.

Buyers will notice your commitment to addressing their concerns and improving your brand. And this can encourage them to update their feedback and share your excellent customer service with potential Amazon shoppers.

Targeted buyers will appreciate your business more for addressing negative feedback too. Without personalized review replies, buyers will feel you don't care about what they have to say. Your shoppers are the lifeblood of your Amazon store, so make sure to reply in a professional and polite tone.

A graph by ReviewTrackers on the importance of responding to negative reviews (Source)

Improve your overall Amazon star rating

When buyers observe that you are actively engaging with them and responding to both negative and positive feedback, it can encourage them to reciprocate this behavior and interact more with your business. This can lead to increased customer loyalty and a stronger reputation for your brand. Eventually, you will accelerate your Amazon reviews and have a strategy to ensure that most (if not all) of them are positive.

More reviews solidify your visibility and presence in Amazon’s marketplace. And more glowing reviews mean a higher star rating for your Amazon store.

But do Amazon shoppers care about my star rating?

Yes! 87% of consumers don't buy products from businesses with less than a 3-star rating.

If you’re wondering "How are product star ratings calculated on Amazon?", we have the answer! Amazon relies on a custom machine-learning algorithm to produce accurate overall star ratings. This algorithm provides your Amazon store’s overall star rating based on these three factors:

  1. How recent the reviews are.
  2. If the customer for reach review has an active purchase status.
  3. If the reviews are authentic.

For each individual review star rating to count toward your overall star rating, the review must have sufficient content and include text, images, or videos.

Optimize your Amazon credibility

Legitimate reviews add to your Amazon store’s credibility. Targeted customers want accurate and realistic insight into your product quality and customer experience. By growing good Amazon reviews, potential customers will have more confidence in your value, so they can make confident purchase decisions.

Of course, on the other end of this pro is a con worth considering - too many negative reviews detract from your trustworthiness. So, while you’re providing quick and tailored review responses to boost customer feedback, ensure most of your feedback is positive.

An excellent way to achieve this is to perfect your Amazon review responses and capture all the factors of professional, brand-centric review replies. The right review response can defuse angry customers and build deeper relationships with happy buyers.

How to respond to a negative review on Amazon

If you are a seller responding to a negative product review on Amazon, you should be customer-focused and empathetic. Negative feedback can be a letdown, but you should always put your buyers first and try and resolve their bad experiences as quickly as possible.

You can win over unhappy Amazon shoppers by using AI review assistants to help you create tailored review responses. But to get you started, we have a few key elements to include in negative review replies.

You can also have a look at our guide ‘Don’t Let Negative Reviews Ruin Your Business: Examples & Tips’ to learn how to handle all kinds of bad online reviews.


Acknowledge your customer's feedback and remain professional

If you feel angry or upset about a negative Amazon product review, don't let this influence your response. Always be professional, reasonable, and empathetic in your negative Amazon review responses. If you suspect a negative review to be fake, handle this professionally too. Don’t worry. We’ll get more into that below!

Your negative review response should demonstrate that you acknowledge your buyers' negative experience with your brand and their complaints. Doing this will show shoppers you care about them enough to read their feedback and understand the problem.

Tailor each negative Amazon review reply

There’s nothing more frustrating for buyers than receiving generic review responses. Ditch your review reply templates! Use an AI review response generator like MARA to generate personalized responses that address specific concerns expressed in each buyer complaint. Read our guide on a review response generator to understand how tools like MARA can boost your online reputation.

Generic review responses can come off as insincere and do not make buyers feel appreciated by your brand. It is important to tailor each review reply to address specific concerns expressed in each buyer complaint. If someone receives the same apology, in the exact words they gave 100 other people, it may not feel genuine. For this reason, utilizing an AI review response generator like MARA can help you craft personalized responses that are specific to each individual customer's feedback. This can help you maintain the sincerity of your responses and show buyers that you value their feedback and are committed to delivering exceptional customer support.

Thank customers and provide a sincere apology

When responding to negative Amazon reviews, it's important to convey empathy toward the customer. This means acknowledging their negative experience with your brand and thanking them for their feedback. In addition, provide a sincere apology and explain how you plan to address the issue. It's also important to maintain a professional tone and refrain from making excuses or getting defensive. Remember that every negative review presents an opportunity to improve your products and services and build a stronger reputation for your brand.

Show commitment to fantastic customer service

When you respond to a bad Amazon review, don’t make excuses or claim the defense. Stick to putting your customer first and delivering exceptional customer support. Provide a clear solution to your customer’s concerns. You can also offer them an incentive to try your products again! Don't "bribe" customers with refunds or money in exchange for them to remove or change their feedback. Doing this is against Amazon's policies, and they can suspend your account. Always remain friendly and professional in your communications and remind customers of your value.

Example response to a negative Amazon review

An example of a negative Amazon review from an electronic store on Amazon (Source)
Thank you for taking the time to leave a review and we apologize for the inconvenience you experienced. We understand that it can be frustrating to have a defective product and we are sorry that you had to return it twice. We appreciate your loyalty to HyperX and hope that you had better luck with our other products. We do strive to provide quality products and services, however, it seems that in this case, we fell short of that goal. We hope you find another product more suited to your needs. Thank you again for your feedback - we take all comments seriously, as they help us improve our offerings. Please let us know how we can be of any more help in finding a gaming headset from our store that works with your PS4.
Best Regards,
the HyperX Store
(written by MARA AI)

This is an example of how to respond to a negative Amazon review for an electronic store using MARA. This customer had expressed two consecutive negative experiences and shows complete dissatisfaction with this Amazon store’s gaming headset. But this AI-generated review response by MARA produces the perfect, tailored reply within minutes.

The review response starts by thanking the customer for providing feedback and proceeds to convey empathy. Mentioning this Amazon store’s goals and pinpointing how they fell short reminds shoppers of the store’s value and proves the seller acknowledges how they can improve. Our AI review response generator includes the seller’s name for a personalized review response and offers the customer a solution.

What's most impressive about this AI-generated review response is that it doesn't follow a generic template for every reply. The content in this response is specifically suited to the concerns raised by the customer. Rely on custom and quick review replies like this to turn unsatisfied customers into brand advocates.

How to respond to a positive review on Amazon

We know positive Amazon reviews significantly impact your sales, credibility, and customer relationships. But the trick lies in how you respond to your glowing reviews. Crafting the perfect Amazon review replies is one of the many ways you can use to drive customer loyalty.

MARA simplifies responding to Amazon reviews. It’s quick and easy to generate personalized replies, and you don’t need any programming skills. Let’s dive into our top tips to respond to positive reviews on Amazon.

Also, check out our guide on how to respond to a positive review with examples to learn more about crafting review replies beyond Amazon product reviews.

Personalize your response and thank your happy customers

Like responding to negative Amazon reviews, you must personalize your review content for positive replies. This means mentioning the positive reviewer by name and responding to the exact points mentioned in their glowing reviews.

Read our guide on the importance of responding to reviews individually to understand how much buyers value tailored replies. Taking the time to craft a unique response for each Amazon shopper’s review shows you acknowledge buyer feedback and prioritize customer relationships.

Encourage buyers to refer their family and friends

When Amazon buyers are happy enough with your product to leave a fantastic Amazon review, it’s the perfect opportunity to convince them to refer more customers to your store. Referred customers spend 13% more than other buyers, and are 18% more loyal.

But that’s not all. Wharton School of Business concludes that referred buyers have a 16% higher customer lifetime value (CLV) than your average Amazon shopper. Referral marketing is pivotal to accelerating revenue and expanding your customer base.

Invite shoppers to purchase from your Amazon store again

Responding to fantastic Amazon reviews allows you to generate quality referrals. And build customer loyalty! Invite shoppers to return to your Amazon shop. You can do this by mentioning upcoming sales or promoting related or complementary products.

Add this section toward the end of your review response and excite customers about your products. It’s more lucrative to turn one-time buyers into loyal shoppers than to gain new buyers. Plus, loyal buyers will help you gain more sales. 52% of customers go out of their way to buy from sellers they’re loyal to.

But how many times do Amazon consumers have to purchase before you can consider them loyal?

Have a look at this survey by Yotpo on how many purchases buyers believe make them loyal customers:

A survey by Yotpo on how many purchases it takes for buyers to consider themselves loyal (Source)

Example response to positive amazon review

An example of a positive Amazon review from an electronic store on Amazon (Source)
Thank you for your glowing review about our HyperX product! We are glad to hear that you are satisfied with the sound quality, mic, durability, and flexibility of the headphones. It is wonderful to know that the detachable mic makes it easy for you to enjoy movies and other experiences. We also appreciate your kind words about the braided cable, foam windscreen, and other features. We take great pride in providing quality products that our customers will appreciate and use for a long time. Thank you for being so supportive!
Best Regards,
the HyperX Store
(written by MARA AI)

Here’s an example of an excellent Amazon review from an electronic seller. MARA generated this review response in split seconds without needing any edits. It starts by thanking the customer for the great review and addressing the points raised in this feedback. This ultra-personalized review reply also reminds the customer about the seller’s value while showing as much customer appreciation as possible. While this AI-generated review isn’t super lengthy, it’s detailed enough and covers all the essential factors of perfect positive review replies. This example of a positive Amazon review response proves that you can generate short and sweet responses while impressing your customers.

Can I remove a negative Amazon review?

If you’ve read our guide on how to remove Google reviews, you’ll know you can’t simply delete negative customer feedback. This works very similarly to Amazon reviews. Amazon sellers can’t remove a negative Amazon review. Instead, you can flag the negative review as inappropriate and request Amazon’s customer support remove it.

Amazon’s customer team will only remove negative customer feedback if it’s illegitimate or violates its customer review policies. Alternatively, you can contact the customer who wrote the negative review and try to resolve their issue. This may encourage a buyer to update their bad review to something more positive.

You can directly communicate with buyers through Amazon’s messaging feature. But Amazon sellers can’t ask buyers to remove reviews in exchange for a full refund. If Amazon finds you doing this, they can suspend your account.

Respond to all your product reviews with a click on a button

Responding to good and bad Amazon reviews takes a lot of time and creative juice if you want to deliver unique, individual review replies. But for Amazon sellers to skyrocket sales, establish customer loyalty, and appeal to targeted buyers, they must craft perfect review responses.

Fortunately, our AI review response generator simplifies review management for you. Within seconds, MARA generates AI review responses based on each review. Whether you are responding to 5-star reviews or a 1-star review, this tool is easy to use, and you can customize the settings to your business and niche.

Let’s check out MARA in action:

An example of how using MARA to respond to online reviews (Source)
MARA delivers rapid, personalized, and professional online review responses

MARA focuses on understanding your customer’s feedback and producing tailored responses to every customer review. The AI-generated review response generator provides personalized, high-quality review responses that cover all the essential components of the perfect review response. With MARA, you don't have to worry about generic replies as it tailors each review response to address the specific concerns expressed in each buyer's complaint. As a seller, utilizing MARA for your future reviews can help you maintain the sincerity of your responses and show buyers that you value their feedback and are committed to delivering exceptional customer support.

The top benefits of MARA AI review response assistant for online reviews are:

  • Reduce the time it takes to respond to Amazon reviews and in turn, how much it costs.
  • Ditch generic review response templates and deliver review responses tailored to individual reviews.
  • Increase your response rate to grow online reviews, and establish an excellent overall star rating.
  • Optimize your online reputation by engaging your customers.
  • Quick and easy configuration and user-friendly interface so you don’t need any coding skills for AI review responses!

MARA has loads of impressive references and here’s what our top eCommerce client has to say:

Why businesses love MARA and how it helps them boost review management

Our AI review assistant can help you build deeper customer relationships with happy buyers and retain unhappy Amazon shoppers with no effort. Get started with our free trial to take your Amazon review responses to the next level!

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