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Crafting the Perfect Response to Your Etsy Reviews

Tobias Roelen-Blasberg
Tobias Roelen-Blasberg
Co-Founder & Head of Product
Learn how to craft the perfect response to reviews on Etsy with this easy guide. Get tips and advice to increase customer satisfaction!
Crafting the Perfect Response to Your Etsy Reviews

Around 99% of online shoppers check business reviews before purchasing. Etsy sellers must accelerate their online reviews to persuade digital buyers and cut through the competition.

But how do you boost your Etsy store’s online reviews?

The answer is simple - provide quick, personalized responses to negative and positive Etsy reviews. Responding to negative and positive feedback shows customers you appreciate their opinions and value their experiences with your brand and products.

As 56% of shoppers change their perspectives of a brand based on how the business responds to their reviews, you have the opportunity to convert unhappy customers into loyal buyers!

To get you started, we have an ultimate guide on crafting the perfect responses to positive and negative Etsy reviews, generating AI review replies in record time, and examples of excellent Etsy review responses.

What is an Etsy review?

An Etsy review is a review customers give Etsy business owners to rate their products and express their customer experience. Etsy allows buyers to provide feedback on your online store. This helps you improve your products, personalize your approach based on customer feedback and ensure your Etsy store drives significant sales.

Why is it important to respond to Etsy reviews?

Responding to Etsy reviews will help you take your online store to the next level. It’s vital to respond to both negative and positive Esty reviews to achieve this. A positive Etsy review means your buyers love your brand enough to share their fantastic experiences and spotlight the best features of your products. Responding to this feedback shows you appreciate your customers and care about their opinions.

A bad Etsy review is just as paramount. They welcome the opportunity to pinpoint your most significant challenges and how you can improve your customer experience and products. Responding to customers with negative feedback makes them feel valued by your brand. In turn, you get another chance to impress them.


When you respond to negative and positive Etsy feedback, it’s easier to convince targeted future customers. Potential buyers will notice you thank positive reviewers and win over negative reviewers. They’ll feel more confident about your business and value proposition.

Sellers who don’t respond to Etsy reviews appear as if they don’t care about their customers. We know this isn’t the case, and you want to build a successful Etsy store with consistent revenue. And the solution to this lies in prompt, personalized responses to negative and positive Etsy reviews so you can persuade future buyers, correct poor customer experiences, and drive buyer appreciation.

Digital shoppers rely on online reviews to make confident purchasing decisions (Source)

Can bad reviews affect you as a seller?

Yes, negative Etsy reviews can affect you as a seller. Bad reviews doubt the quality of your products and the value of your brand. Negative feedback can deter targeted buyers from doing business with you. There is a simple solution to this problem - provide quick and tailored responses to negative and positive Etsy reviews.

While bad reviews on Etsy can harm your business, responding to these reviews alleviates this challenge. Customers will appreciate your personalized, friendly replies and commitment to correcting their experiences. Making your customers feel valued is imperative to customer loyalty and increased sales. This is possible by replying to fantastic and foul Etsy reviews.

How to respond to Etsy reviews: A step-by-step guide

This is a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to quickly and professionally respond to Etsy reviews privately and publicly.

How to publish private Etsy review responses

Before publishing a public response to negative Etsy reviews, directly communicate with buyers through Direct Messaging. Direct messages to buyers help you resolve their problems so they can change their negative feedback. You can communicate with buyers one-on-one to find a quick and professional solution.

Once you respond to Etsy reviews publicly, buyers can't modify their reviews. Directly messaging customers gives them another chance to leave better feedback.

But how do you respond to buyers privately on Etsy?

Here’s how to send customers a direct message on Etsy:

Step 1: Navigate to Shop Manager

Step 2: Navigate to Orders & Shipping

Navigate to Orders & Shipping to send Etsy buyers direct messages (Source)

Step 3: Choose the order you want to send your customer a message about

Step 4: Click the “Message” button for the relevant order

Here is an example of how to respond to Etsy shop reviews by sending a direct message to your buyers (Source)

Step 5: Type and send your message

Send Etsy buyers private messages to resolve their complaints before posting a public response (Source)

See! Sending private messages on Etsy is quick and easy. Keep your communication professional, friendly, and directed to finding the best way to change a negative customer experience into a fantastic one.

How to publish public Etsy review responses

To respond to Etsy reviews with MARA start by opening Etsy and navigating to the reviews you want to generate replies for. We’ve explored how to generate replies as private messages, but let’s look at how to craft review responses and publish them to the public:

Step 1: Click the Account icon in the top right corner

Step 2: Click “Shop Manager”

Step 3: Navigate to “Sales Channels” and click on your shop’s name

Step 4: Click “Reviews”

Step 5: Navigate to the review and click “Post a public response”

After this, you can log in or sign up for MARA and customize your settings for perfect AI review responses.

How to generate the perfect replies for your Etsy reviews with MARA

MARA is an AI review response generator that produces personalized replies to your Etsy reviews. Using this tool will help you save time, and provide perfect review replies to grow your Etsy reputation. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Select your custom AI review response settings

Customization is essential for customer-centric review responses. You need replies tailored to your brand and industry. Fortunately, MARA has a selection of options to ensure you generate review replies suited to your business and customer feedback. This is how you customize MARA to work for you:

1. Click on “Account” at the end of the left-sidebar menu.

To use MARA for AI-generated review responses, create an account or log into MARA and navigate to the Account tab.

2. Select a Formal or Casual tone from the drop-down menu and your ideal response length.

You can generate personalized review replies with MARA review response assistant

3. Under “What is Reviewed?” add your business or product name.

Generate AI review replies with MARA and set your business type for personalized responses

4. Under “English Signature” add your signature that includes your name.

MARA allows Etsy sellers to sign their review responses with their business name for tailored review replies

5. Click “Update”.

Now you can create the best AI review responses for your audience.

Step 2: Copy and paste your Etsy review into MARA

It’s time to get your desired review into MARA so you can generate custom AI review responses in no time.

1. Go back to your chosen Etsy review and copy the text

2. Return to MARA and click “Review Reply” in the left-sidebar menu

3. Paste the Etsy review content in the blue box

Paste your Etsy reviews into MARA so you can generate tailored AI replies

Step 3: Generate your review reply and publish

Now you’re all set! Click “Generate Reply” to get your personalized review response in seconds.

This is an AI review response from MARA:

MARA will automatically copy the AI-generated content into your clipboard. Return to Etsy, paste your response, and click “Post”.

An example of individual Etsy review replies with a review summary

Can you remove a bad Etsy review?

Deleting bad Etsy reviews is as tricky as it is to remove Google reviews. Etsy sellers can’t remove negative reviews themselves, and customer support can only do this. However, for Etsy’s customer team to remove your negative feedback, the reviews must violate Etsy’s policies. If you find a poor Etsy review goes against their policies, you can report it and wait for them to remove it. However, if the feedback sticks to Etsy’s shop policies, they won’t remove it.

Before reaching out to customer support to remove negative customer feedback, Etsy encourages sellers to try and resolve the issue. You can directly communicate with your buyers and fix the problem. Fortunately, buyers have 100 days to edit or remove their reviews, so you have ample time to win negative reviewers over and change their impressions of your store.

So, what exactly are Esty’s shop policies?

Let’s dive into that next!

Etsy's policy breakdown

You must know Etsy’s policies to ensure buyers don’t give you negative reviews that aren’t genuine. Understanding these policies will help you identify fake or misleading reviews to protect your reputation and maintain respectful customer feedback. Customer reviews on Etsy violate these policies if they:

  • Include private information used for identification.
  • Include harassing, racist, or obscene language or images.
  • Include drug claims.
  • Violate Etsy’s policy on discrimination.
  • Mention aspects outside of the seller’s control. This may include shipping, customs, taxes, or anything related to Etsy’s policies and third-party operations.
  • Include threats or extortion.
  • Are meant for advertising or spamming.
  • Contain shilling or are meant to distort your overall reputation.

If you receive Etsy customer feedback that goes against these regulations, report them to Etsy, and their support team will take care of it!

What to do if Etsy does not remove a bad review?

Etsy can’t guarantee to remove every negative review you report. The support team deletes negative reviews if they violate Etsy’s policies. They handle this on a case-by-case basis. So, if they don't remove your negative feedback, the best way to handle this is to try and get back in your buyer's good books. As Etsy gives buyers 100 days to remove or modify their reviews, you can solve customer pain points and turn bad reviews into excellent ones.

How to respond to a bad Etsy review

Poor customer feedback on Etsy discourages sellers. You may start doubting your ability to accelerate sales and impress targeted buyers. But save yourself the stress, and correct bad Etsy customer reviews, by providing quick, individual responses to every review.

Replying to negative Etsy reviews will help you turn negative customer experiences around. You’ll have another opportunity to correct poor brand interactions and determine what’s holding your business from success. These are the best tips to follow to respond to negative reviews on Etsy:

  • Personalize your response. Provide personalized replies to Etsy reviews to make buyers feel important to your business. Mention the buyer’s name, and end your reply with your brand’s name. Doing this lets your customers know you’re not providing a copy-and-paste response to all of them. Instead, you care enough to craft a tailored response to their feedback.
  • Respond as soon as possible. The quicker you respond to Etsy reviews, the better! Fortunately, our AI review response generator produces individual review responses within 2 minutes. More than 50% of buyers expect businesses to respond to reviews within one week. Impress your customers by providing review responses within hours, not weeks!
  • Be patient and professional. While getting negative feedback on Etsy may upset you, you must be patient and professional. Providing angry review responses will only worsen your relationship with customers and put your business in a bad light. Communicate with your buyers in a professional and friendly tone, and be reasonable about your customer feedback.
  • Mention the customer’s pain points. If you received a negative review highlighting poor customer support or low-quality products, mention these points in your response. You can further personalize your review replies and prove to buyers that you’ve read their feedback and considered their concerns.
  • Offer an incentive to change customer opinions. When replying to negative buyer feedback, offer a discount, coupon, or freebie to encourage them to give your store another chance. Be direct about inviting customers to try your products again and showcase an offer they can’t resist!

How to craft good responses to a bad Etsy review in seconds

You can use an AI review response generator like MARA to craft personalized responses that address every aspect of each customer review. These review replies provide professional, individual responses to buyer feedback. You can rely on unique, empathetic responses for each negative review without sounding too defensive. The best part is - MARA is easy to use, and you can generate negative Etsy review responses tailored to your customers within 2 minutes.

Examples of how to respond to a bad review

We’ll show you how to respond to a negative Etsy review. We’ve rounded up a few poor Etsy reviews and used MARA for rapid, personalized replies to improve how customers feel about your store.

Negative Etsy review response example - jewelry store

Sample of a negative Etsy review from a jewelry store
Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us. We understand your disappointment with the ring and apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you. At our company, we strive to provide our customers with a product that meets their expectations. While we are sorry that we were unable to meet yours on this occasion, please rest assured that we take all feedback seriously and use it to improve the ring you purchased. If you would like a different ring or a refund, please let us know and we will be happy to assist you. Thank you again for your valuable feedback! Best Regards, Silveriva  (written by MARA AI)

As you can see, the customer in this Etsy review response example is angry. But thanks to MARA, we could generate a perfect review response within a few clicks. This response starts by thanking the customer for leaving feedback and mentions the exact problems the customer faced. For more personalization, MARA signs the brand’s name at the end of the review response.

Next, the response includes an apology to the buyer, which is valuable to show customer appreciation. The review reply also encourages the buyer to give this Etsy store another chance. Ending the review response with a second apology adds a finishing touch, especially as the buyer, in this case, is highly frustrated.

Negative Etsy review response example - clothing store

Sample of a negative Etsy review from a clothing store
Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback. We are sorry to hear that you had a negative experience with us. Here at DamabaAfricanstore, we try our best to deliver dresses that are of the highest quality and match the product images shown. We understand that returning items can be difficult, and it's our goal to make it as smooth as possible for our customers. We deeply regret that this was not your experience with us and apologize for any inconvenience caused. Best Regards, DamabaAfricanstore (written by MARA AI)

While this negative Etsy review might intimidate any seller, MARA provides a concise, professional, and friendly response. This response is reasonable and provides a clear apology while specifying exactly what problems the buyer faced. Our AI review assistant also reinforces the brand’s value proposition by mentioning the standard they create for themselves and how they want to achieve this for their customers.

Another key takeaway for Etsy sellers is the last sentence. Rather than including a second apology like in the previous example, MARA phrases it as “we deeply regret”. This minor change makes a significant difference because it’s clear that your customers get personalized, individual review responses. While future customers are going through your reviews, they’ll notice you don’t use template reviews for every buyer.

How to respond to a positive Etsy review

Gaining a good Etsy review is an exhilarating accomplishment for Etsy sellers. And by providing rapid, individual replies to these reviews, you can nurture and boost customer feedback. Responding to excellent feedback on Etsy shows customers how much you value their opinions and care about the quality of your products and customer service.

Replying to positive Etsy reviews motivates more buyers to leave reviews too. When customers notice you take the time to respond to reviews, they’ll have more reason to leave feedback! Plus, the more fantastic Etsy reviews you have, the higher your store’s overall review score, making it easier to attract targeted customers.

Read our ultimate guide on how to respond to a positive review to craft positive replies to Etsy feedback. To get you started, here are a few tips for professional responses to positive Etsy reviews:

  • Thank customers and personalize your replies. Your buyers went the extra mile to leave fantastic feedback and improve your Etsy star rating. Thank them and personalize your message by including your business name to show customer appreciation.
  • Encourage them to refer your business. Considering your customers are happy with your business, now is the time to get them to promote your products and refer their friends and family. You can casually mention this toward the end of your review response. Some sellers may provide buyers with an incentive for referrals.
  • Encourage customers to buy again. This is similar to the previous point. Your buyers are satisfied with your products and customer experience so encourage them to purchase more items. You can make personalized recommendations based on products they’ve previously bought.
  • Keep your response quick. You may think you don’t have to rush a 5-star review response because it doesn’t need an urgent solution like negative feedback. But quick review responses show you prioritize customer feedback, optimizing the experience buyers have with your brand post-purchase. Many buyers assume businesses don’t care about them after they’ve made a sale. Show your customers what makes you different with rapid responses.

How to write a good response to positive Etsy reviews

Replying to hundreds of reviews has never been simpler than MARA. Our AI review response generator allows you to provide positive review replies tailored to individual customer feedback. You can read our guide on the do’s and don’ts of responding to online reviews to ensure you craft the perfect AI responses to positive Etsy feedback.

Examples of how to respond to a positive Etsy review

Want to start providing perfect responses to positive Etsy reviews? We’ll put you in the right direction with sound examples of how to respond to a positive Etsy review. Learn from these examples to craft customer-centric review replies.

Positive Etsy review response example - shoe store

Sample of a positive Etsy review from a shoe store.
Thank you for your review! We are thrilled that you love the shoes and that they fit perfectly. It is our goal to provide stylish, high-quality shoes that bring out the best in our customers. We always strive to ensure a positive shopping experience and are delighted to hear that you received so many compliments. Thank you again for your feedback! Best Regards, SoleiEthnic (written by MARA AI)

Here’s a fantastic example of how to craft perfect responses to positive Etsy reviews. First, MARA thanks the customer for leaving a review, which is essential to drive customer appreciation. The reply mentions specific keywords (shoes and fit perfectly) relating to the customer’s feedback and the points they included. This review response is simple and concise in a friendly and formal tone. Always maintain this in your review replies to achieve consistency.

Positive Etsy review response example - skincare store

Sample of a positive Etsy review from a skincare store
Thank you for your kind words and for taking the time to review us! We are so glad that you are happy with your skincare products and the customer service you received. We strive to bring our customers quality items and top-notch customer service on every order, so we are delighted that we were able to meet your expectations. We also appreciate your feedback about our shipping processes. At EndlessGlowSkincare, we always want our shoppers to feel informed throughout their shopping experience. We hope that you continue to enjoy your purchases and shop with us in the future! Best Regards, EndlessGlowSkincare (written by MARA AI)

This is a highly impressive Etsy review and a well-matched AI-generated response! The overall delivery and tone are friendly. It sounds like the seller is speaking to a friend, creating a more personal interaction between your brand and its customers.

Another aspect to take away from this example is how well MARA consistently mentions the customer’s favorite parts of their experience with this brand. This AI review response tool includes keywords like top-notch customer service and quality products.

The review also dives into this seller’s impeccable delivery. As the buyer expressed all these points, the response shows the seller took the time to craft an individual, tailored response.

Finally, this review reply ends by encouraging the customer to revisit the online store and make another purchase. And remember, this is how you accelerate Etsy reviews!

Generate professional responses to Etsy reviews with a single click.

MARA is your tool for personalized, AI-generated Etsy review responses that boost your Etsy reputation and achieve an impressive star rating. You can respond to hundreds of Etsy reviews while saving time and money. Our AI review response assistant helps you avoid review templates, and answer authentically and personally every time! Check out our references to see why businesses love MARA and get started on our free trial today!

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