Compare AI and human review replies to determine which is more suitable for your specific needs.
AI vs. Humans: Who Wins in Review Replies?

In today's tech-savvy world, businesses are grappling with a big question: Should they rely on AI or humans for responding to reviews? Figuring out the dance between artificial intelligence and good old human touch is crucial for how customers perceive a business online. In this article, we'll stroll through the ins and outs of AI and human responses, checking out what they're good at and where they might fall short in the world of customer reviews.

Are AI solutions the future of review replies?

Responding to reviews has always been a crucial marketing strategy for businesses. In fact, 64% of consumers worldwide say they would rather buy from a business that connect with their customers rather than those with perfect online rating.

screenshot AI responding to customer reviews
See how AI revolutionizes review management and marketing.

As businesses strive to enhance their customer engagement strategies, AI solutions are reigning as the new frontier. These high-tech tools, particularly in the realm of review responses, promise to automate and streamline processes, saving time and resources. But the question that looms is - are AI solutions the future of review replies?

How are AI tools making a difference in responding to customer reviews?

AI tools bring amazing benefits to a field that can often be overwhelming due to volume alone. Recent surveys suggest that 74% of local businesses worldwide already have active Google Business listings receiving reviews on a regular basis. Through AI tools, businesses now have a way to analyze, categorize, and respond to reviews cohesively, even across multiple platforms. This type of technology not only helps businesses to handle the quantity of reviews but also improves the quality of the responses.

AI review generators may not be comprehensive solutions for reputation management, but they aren’t mere text reply generators. They specialize in what their name imply: generating automated responses to reviews. To learn more about them and how they can influence the future of review marketing, read our article Review Response Generator: What Is It and What Is It Not?


AI vs human review replies: A detailed comparison

It’s normal to be apprehensive about using AI at first, especially if it’s for a task normally done to foster customer relationship. To help you with this, we’ve summarized the benefits of finding the right AI tool for your business:

Efficiency and consistency

Artificial Intelligence tools truly shine when it comes to boosting efficiency and preserving consistency. Capable of analyzing and generating responses to an enormous volume of reviews swiftly and accurately, AI outpaces human capabilities by a significant margin. Moreover, AI maintains a level of consistency that human responders may struggle to achieve, ensuring every reply aligns perfectly with the brand's voice and ethos, round the clock, every single day.

screenshot responses to Google Reviews
Consistent responses for Google Reviews through an AI tool.

Review monitoring and management can be overwhelming, especially for the hospitality industry. Hoteliers and restaurant managers are expected to stay on top of online reviews while working on their day-to-day task. Read our article Choosing the Right AI-Powered Review Management Tool to understand how these tech solutions can boost your operations.

Volume and response time

The influx of customer reviews can often be colossal and responding promptly might seem like a daunting task. This is where AI enters the picture. It excels in generating valuable first drafts in mere seconds, significantly reducing time spent crafting responses. This efficiency leads to quicker response times and a visible increase in response rates. Higher response rates not only enhance customer engagement but also boost your online reputation. By harnessing the power of AI, businesses can effectively manage large volumes of reviews while ensuring swift, consistent, and impactful responses.

screenshot google review for top rated manhattan hotels
Top-rated hotels in Manhattan that receive numerous reviews every day.

Read our article How to save time when replying to hotel reviews? learn more about how AI tools can boost both of your response time and response rate.

Personalization and brand voice

Traditionally, humans have held the advantage when it comes to authentic personalization and maintaining a brand's unique voice in review replies. There is an inherent ability in humans to understand subtleties and nuances in language that AI has historically struggled with. However, with advancements in AI technology, particularly in the realm of review management, the gap is closing. To learn more about response personalization, read our article No Contradiction: Personalization and AI-generated review replies.

AI-powered tools such as MARA are making significant strides in authentically personalizing responses and reflecting the distinct voice of a brand. MARA, in particular, achieves this through two key features: Brand Voice and Smart Snippets.

The Brand Voice feature is designed to train the AI tool on your brand's unique tone of voice, response style, and best practices. This customized learning process enables MARA to generate review responses that are in harmony with your brand's ethos and personality. Whether your brand voice is formal or casual, professional or playful, MARA can adapt and respond in kind, offering an authentic, personalized touch.

screenshot MARA AI smart snippets
How you can even boost the efficiency of your reply process through smart snippets.

Smart Snippets, on the other hand, is an innovative feature that allows MARA to include business-specific information in the AI responses. This feature allows your team to teach the tool to respond to recurring complaints or praises with customized responses from your business. With the help of Smart Snippets, your team can deliver efficient, personalized review responses with a few simple clicks, enhancing customer engagement and promoting a positive online reputation.

MARA's advancements in personalization and brand voice are tangible examples of how AI is evolving to meet the same standards as human review replies. The goal is to find the perfect harmony between the human touch and AI efficiency, creating an enhanced customer engagement strategy that keeps your customers satisfied and your brand reputation intact.

Error rate and reliability

AI tools are designed to minimize errors, and they do not suffer from human problems such as distraction or inconsistency. This makes them highly reliable for managing review replies. However, when it comes to understanding complex emotions or nuances in language, human intervention may still be required.

Emotional sensitivity and context understanding

Humans indeed shine when it comes to perceiving emotional undertones and understanding contextual subtleties in reviews, a dimension where AI's stride is only beginning to lengthen. However, with the rapid advancement in AI solutions, this landscape is witnessing a transformative change.

Take for instance, MARA, an AI-powered review management tool, which employs a combination of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms to analyze customer reviews. The NLP allows AI to understand the context, sentiment, and themes present within the text, while machine learning categorizes reviews based on topics, sentiments, and other relevant parameters. MARA is essentially designed to competently recognize and react to a wide range of emotions expressed in reviews, whether they are emotional, aggressive, or cheering reviews.

But what truly sets MARA apart is its ability to maintain a robust sense of emotional sensitivity while crafting responses. It ensures to respond in a positive, professional manner regardless of the tone of the review. For example, when a guest expresses dissatisfaction with a dirty room, instead of repeating the negative phrase, MARA responds with a note of understanding and commitment to improvement. This thoughtful, emotionally aware approach to crafting responses significantly enhances customer engagement and satisfaction.

screenshot MARA AI summarize translate write responses
How MARA summarizes, translates, and crafts human-like responses to online reviews.

Furthermore, MARA’s AI shows proficiency in context understanding. From training on your brand's tone, response style, and best practices to incorporating specific business information in its responses, MARA provides a contextually rich: response that feels personalized and relevant. For instance, if a review highlights limited parking spaces, MARA emphasizes your unique parking facilities and other beneficial offerings in its reply, thereby turning a negative review into an opportunity to highlight your business’s strengths.

In essence, while humans continue to hold the edge in understanding emotional subtexts and contextual nuances, AI solutions like MARA are framing a new narrative. By effectively synthesizing emotional sensitivity and advanced context understanding, they are fast becoming a compelling choice for businesses seeking to elevate their review management process.


Who is the winner in AI replies: AI or humans?

The answer isn't black and white. While AI brings efficiency, it shouldn't eliminate the human touch completely. To truly engage customers, businesses should aim for a balanced blend of AI-powered efficiency and the authenticity of human interaction. This means using AI for what it does best - handling large volumes of data and automating responses, leaving the personalization and deeper context understanding to humans.

Embrace the future with MARA AI

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Conclusion: A new era of review management with AI

The verdict? AI solutions, when used optimally, can revolutionize the way businesses handle review replies. However, human interaction remains an integral part of customer engagement. The key is to strike a balance, using AI for efficiency and humans for personalization. And with that, we usher in a new era of review management powered by AI.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can people tell if you used AI to write your replies?

Recognition depends on context and complexity; AI can closely mimic human writing, but certain clues or inconsistencies may reveal its automated origin.

Will AI write better than humans?

AI excels in certain tasks, such as generating text quickly, but the subjective nature of "better" in creative writing often favors the unique and nuanced perspectives of human writers.

How can you tell the difference between AI and human text?

Identifying the difference can be challenging; clues may include unusual phrasing, lack of personal touch, and occasional inconsistencies, though advanced AI models strive for coherence and context.

Can AI really improve your writing?

Yes, businesses can use AI to significantly improve their writing as it offers assistance with grammar, suggesting synonyms, and creativity. It enhances efficiency and is particularly effective for generating informative or technical content.

What is the difference between AI versus human replies?

AI replies are characterized by precision, consistency, and rapid information processing, offering efficient and personalized responses at scale. In contrast, human replies may involve emotional nuances, subjective biases, and variable response times, influenced by factors such as mood and fatigue.

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