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Customer Experience Tracking from Reviews

Let MARA read all of your customer feedback instead of only reading some of it yourself.
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MARA Review Analytics Dashboard
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Build better products

… by understanding what really matters to consumers.
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Innovate faster

… by staying on top of the situation with monthly updates.
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Create relevant content

… by seeing what consumers talk about the most.
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Identify relevant keywords

… by seeing which words consumers actually use to describe things.


We are proud of our wall of love

Monika Brehmeier
Monika Brehmeier
Senior Brand Analyst
The depth of the insights provided by MARA and the insights themselves match those of traditional research methods down to the last detail.
Alexandra Produnova
Int. Product Manager
MARA provided quick insights in an easy-to-read dashboard which helps us to identify focus areas of future new product developments. It saves us a lot of time and helps to get a deeper understanding of consumer needs.
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Beiersdorf Head of Analytics
Ümit Özedmir
Head of Data & Analytics
MARA walks the talk. I have always perceived the discussions as being very friendly and open. MARA approached us in a true spirit of partnership and at eye level.
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Karsten Evers
Karsten Evers
Global Data Scientist
It was amazing how close the product attributes identified by MARA were to what we had previously worked out with our market researchers. And that was without any training data or input from our side.
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Telschow CEO GIM
Stephan Telschow
Managing Director
MARA stands out by a maximum of customer orientation and solutions that grow with the needs of our customers. MARA’s team always thinks realistically and pragmatically, is always reliable and enjoyable to work with.
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Team Avatar
Digital Strategy Team
With the comprehensive data overview in the MARA Dashboard, Tchibo was able to gain a structured view of the customers’ feedback for different locations.
Logo Tchibo
Tobias Dohmann
Tobias Dohmann
Lead Customer Experience
The collaboration was very productive and focused right from the start. The data quality is excellent, and the dashboard helps us a lot in analyzing the huge amounts of review data in a very structured way.
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Our Co-Founder Max explains everything you need to know about MARA Review Analytics

What MARA does for you in 4 steps:

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1. MARA gathers review data

Voila, you will get a personalized reply suggestion in no time

2. Automated review analysis

Our algorithms identify the most important attributes from the reviews and how consumers write about them.
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background imageMARA Review Analytics Dashboard

3. Receive category report

You can then see, how you and your competitors are doing. We quantify every market participant's attribute performance.

4. Category tracking

MARA gathers and analyzes new review data every month and you get updates on trends and developments in your categories.
background imageMARA Review Analytics Dashboard
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“We would love to explore with you if our Review Analytics solution is suited to solve your business problems.”

Max Lueders
Maximilian Lüders

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