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Review for Tophotel London
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Really nice hotel, staff was friendly and helpful. The rooms are a decent size with nice clean bathroom, everything we needed.  Bar was beautiful and reasonably priced and the staff were again very friendly. Breakfast was delicious as well. I would definitely stay here again. Very convenient for the train station and the free travel ticket was very welcome. All in all, an excellent hotel.

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Reduce Response Times and Costs

Our AI generates answer instantly. If you don’t like it, generate a new reply within seconds
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We generate unique and human-like responses, making customers feel value
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We help you answer every review, which increases your overall rating (HBR study)
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Not only customers see that you care about individual feedback, but also potential future customers
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Boost Your Response Rates

Achieve 100% response rates effortlessly with our cutting-edge AI
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Easy to Use Software From Day 1

Just copy a review into MARA and generate individualized responses in seconds
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Saves Brain Power for the Day

Never start from a blank page again and answer your reviews whenever you have a minute
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Consistently High Quality

Get your entire team working on review responses without sacrificing quality
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Loved by hotels and businesses of all sizes

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Deputy General Manager
Steigenberger Hotel Bremen
I’m impressed how MARA ‘thinks’ and writes on its own in every language and is still easy to use.
General Management
12.18. Hospitality Mgmt
It's truly fascinating how this tool writes suitable responses to very specific reviews right before my eyes.
Marketing Manager
Hotel Stadt Hamburg
I'm really impressed with the choice of words of the AI. It really feels more human than I imagined it to be.
Rooms Division Manager
Before using MARA, writing a reply from scratch took me 5-10 minutes. Now I only need 2 minutes maximum for some refinements.
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General Manager
EMA House
I love that I don't have to start from scratch. Especially on stressful days, MARA helps to answer all my reviews quickly and easily.
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Front of House Manager
The May Fair London
We have been well impressed with MARA and the support it provided in responding to our reviews. We were able to generate over 100 personalized responses in a day with MARA.
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Guest Experience Manager
The Westin London City
The new algorithm rocks – the updated version is more precise, intuitive and eloquent than the previous one. Good job.
Managing Director
Neumühle Resort & Spa
The tool solves a real pain for me. It's definitely one of the most innovative solutions I've seen in hospitality technology lately.
General Manager
Gekko House
MARA helps me respond to all guest feedback individually, without templates, and achieve a 100% response rate.
Executive Office Manager
7Pines Resort Ibiza
I answer every guest review personally. With MARA, I've gotten much, much faster as I don't start from a blank page. It saves so much time and brainpower for the rest of my day.
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Social Media Manager
Jaz in the City Amsterdam
When you can't find the right word for your review response - MARA will.
Executive Assistant
7Pines Resort Sardinia
The MARA assistant does the job for me and saves me so much time with almost perfect suggestions.
General Manager
Halbersbacher Hospitality
With the click of a button, I can generate individual responses to reviews in any language. This saves so much time and guests feel more valued.
Knowledge Architect
The personal touch is really phenomenal and it works great for all our customer feedback.
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Your customers will appreciate that you genuinely care about their feedback
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